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Kirra Pendergast 

Founder & CEO

Kirra Pendergast is the CEO of Safe on Social MediaTM Pty Ltd. 

Kirra’s frank, no fear-mongering approach is backed by 30 years of experience in IT Business Consulting, Cyber Security, and Cyber Safety.

Her purpose is to educate people and organisations about how to use social media safely. She is a regular media commentator on the topic of cyber safety, social media risk management, and the law.  

“My lived experience enduring relentless online abuse and bullying by someone I trusted, inspired me to create what is now Australia’s leading Online Safety education and consulting firm. I train my team to look for the positives whilst minimising risk to help people build resilience, know what to do when things go wrong, and use social media for good”.

As an in-demand public speaker and educator,  Kirra presents to tens of thousands each year, at schools, professional learning sessions, parent seminars, legal events, government and business events, conferences, and staff wellbeing sessions. Kirra has presented at cheese and wine nights with small groups of Mum’s as well as Rotary clubs and CWA’s in regional NSW. She has presented at a school with only nine students and zoom sessions of more than seven thousand business people. She also regularly works with professional athletes and sports clubs. 


Kirra also immerses herself in youth culture through her creative life. Kirra is a well-respected photographer. She is lucky enough to photograph major music festivals such as Falls Festival, Bluesfest, and Splendour in the Grass. She has worked part-time as a professional photographer since she was 17yrs old. She is also the Editor of 

“I tell my story of overcoming workplace bullying, and I educate people with my in-depth knowledge of the sector in an engaging, entertaining and non-confrontational way”.

Kirra is currently completing a Diploma of Counselling.