About us.

After a 25+ year career in Cyber Security and IT Business Consulting in 2014 Kirra Pendergast founded Safe on Social Media Pty Ltd after experiencing serious and relentless cyberbullying and trolling herself.

Safe on Social Media’s purpose is to educate and support people to use social media safely and positively. 

Kirra has presented to more than 350,000 students, teachers and parents at schools across Australia and at countless legal seminars, government and business events, and conferences. As a Public Speaker, Kirra speaks about the topic to 1000's of people each week.


Alongside our Cyber Safety work in schools, Safe on Social is Australia’s leading consulting firm focused solely on Social Media Security, Privacy and Risk Management and offers training and consulting solutions for the corporate sector, government and small businesses across the country and Internationally.

Our service fulfils an organisations duty of care to all stakeholders including staff, clients, students and parents, as well as addressing legal and policy compliance requirements.

Safe on Social has pioneered social media risk management for schools and has references from principals of primary, secondary, public and private schools. We also work extensively in the Government, Healthcare and Business Sectors.


Our services include:

  • Presentations at your school, youth group or event for students, parents, and teachers.

  • Keynote Presentations and workshops in the workplace and conferences.

  • Social Media eRisk Reviews for schools, businesses and families. 

  • Subscriptions to the Safe on Social Media Toolkit.

  • Professional Development Training both face to face and via webinar. (NESA Registered) 

  • Consulting and advisory services. 

  • Online and face to face NESA accredited teacher training

If you require further information about our services please complete an enquiry form below or email us at wecanhelp@safeonsocial.com.




Safe on Social Media Founder, Kirra Pendergast speaks to Stellar Magazine's Dannielle Miller on how she's taken her personal experience of bullying and used it positively to educate others. September 15, 2019

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