Our Presenters
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Kirra Pendergast - CEO and Principal Consultant

After a 20+ year career in Cyber Security and IT Business Consulting, in 2009 Kirra founded Australia's first consulting firm focused on Cyber Safety. KCL Business Solutions completed eSafety Risk Reviews, Policy Development, and Training Solutions for major Qld Government departments and businesses. In 2014 Kirra Pendergast founded Safe on Social Media Pty Ltd after experiencing serious and relentless cyberbullying and trolling herself.

Kirra speaks on the topic of Cyber Safety and her own experience with serious cyberbullying, to 1000's of people each week. Kirra presents to students K-12, teachers, and parents at schools across Australia and New Zealand. She is also regularly asked to speak at legal seminars, government and business events, conferences and consults too, and advises organisations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. Kirra is a regular media commentator on the subject of Cyber Safety.

Kirra is the Principal Consultant at Safe on Social and along with her team of expert consultants, they have completed more than three hundred eSafety Risk Reviews for schools across Australia and New Zealand.

In 2019 she proudly partnered with Mamamia women's network to create the Safe on Social Toolkit

Kirra is also the Co-Founder of the eRisk Management Company a company that provides training and consulting in all aspects of social media security, privacy, and risk management for businesses, governments, and elite sports teams. She is also the Founder of In School Solutions Pty Ltd. 

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Kristi McVee - State Manager Western Australia 

Kristi has a passion for educating children and parents in the risks relating to potential online abuse. She recently retired from the WA Police as a Detective Senior Constable after 10 years in the job. 

During her career with WA Police she regularly spoke to young people about online risks and how to protect themselves online. She is a specialist speaker in regards to online child abuse and exploitation. She works with frontline domestic violence and support  workers and how to keep victims safe. As the mother of a teenage daughter she is passionate about speaking to girls about consent.


Kristi was a trained Specialist Child Interviewer for most of her career and in her role as a Detective investigated serious crime and child abuse cases with extensive experience in the child safety sector. 

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Nathan Verinder - Online Guardians 

Nathan is the Founder of Online Guardians and is focused on providing effective and targeted education to students, school bodies and professionals on a variety of adolescent development issues. Cyber safety and awareness are a key component of this intervention. 

Nathan has worked in both the New South Wales and Queensland Police Services. He has 23 years' experience working in law enforcement. He has qualifications in a variety of law enforcement fields, specialising in Crime Prevention and Adolescent Development.

His external studies include a Masters in Crime Prevention, undertaking subjects on statistical analysis and data collection. 


The past 10 years of Nathan’s distinguished career in the police service, he worked as both a qualified School Liaison Officer and Youth Liaison Officer on the Far North Coast of New South Wales. He provided support, education, and direction to large numbers of primary and secondary schools on a variety of matters ranging from school suspensions through to complex and protracted investigations.

Nathan's experience working directly with young offenders and youths at risk whilst managing schools through critical incidents highlight his versatility. 


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Jocelyn Brewer – Psychologist and founder of Digital Nutrition™

Jocelyn is a Sydney-based registered psychologist with a special interest in the psychology of technology and staying human in a digital age.

Jocelyn has 16 years’ experience in public education both as a teacher of high school social sciences and as a School Counsellor/psychologist. Her 2009 psychology thesis explored the emerging area of Problematic Internet Use (PIU), colloquially known as ‘Internet Addiction’ in a cohort of Year 10 boys.

In 2013, Jocelyn created Digital Nutrition™ – a framework to guide parents and technology users understand the virtual nutritional values of the online media content we consume via apps and games on tablets and screen technology.

Jocelyn regularly called upon to comment in the media on a range of issues and present to various groups about the impacts of technology and improving digital wellbeing. In 2019, provided a keynote to 2500 educators at EduTechAU and has spoken at the renowned Happiness And It’s Causes conference. She has appeared on ABC TV’s QandA panel twice and is a regular panellist on ABC Radio National’s Download This Show podcast.

Jocelyn has a warm, humorous and engaging presentation style, and the ability to put scientific research into practical perspectives. Jocelyn presents to students on healthy technology habits, to parents on screen time limits and managing devices in the home and teachers on the cyberpsychological issues impacting learning in a digital age.  She also offers digital wellbeing consults to school leaders looking to innovate BYOD and mobile phone policies beyond punitive measures.

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Andrew Kinch - Founder of GameAware 

As a gamer for thirty years, a teacher for fifteen years and a parent of two, Andrews skillset is primed to tackle this issue.

"I love video games. I love the immersion, the skill, the competition and the community. That being said, in the past I’ve had the experience of stepping over the line where video games took up way too much of my time and affected me in ways I didn’t expect. That’s why I’m going to know exactly what our gamer is feeling, and how to get buy-in for a healthier and more sustainable way to enjoy their passion".


Andrews passion is to minimize compulsion and other negative impacts from gaming too much, and maximize gaming performance and enjoyment, while engaging better in real life.

GameAware educates gamers, parents and professionals through school workshops, group programs and webinars. 

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