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About Us

Global Leaders in Cyber Safety Education and Consulting 

Pioneers of Cyber Safety Education, Policy Development and Consulting

In 2009, what grew to become Safe on Social, embarked on an ambitious project to conduct the first eRisk review for an Australian government agency comprising over 12,000 staff members. Our objective was to assess the use of social media by the agency's employees and identify potential risks, with the ultimate goal of writing and implementing an effective social media safe use policy, risk mitigation strategies, and organisation-wide education.

This project was completed on time and under budget and set the bar for industry best practices.

Empowering a Safer Online Experience

We are the largest, most trusted, and in-demand online trust and safety education and consulting group of privately owned companies worldwide. Our unbiased and unwavering dedication to creating a safer and more compassionate online space has made us the go-to choice for schools, sports clubs, businesses, and individuals seeking expert guidance in navigating the online trust and safety landscape. Together we can build a safer and more empathetic online world for everyone.

Our Unwavering Commitment

Safe on Social helps organizations of all sizes foster a positive online culture. Our highly effective and accessible education and consulting focus on empowering individuals to make informed decisions and establish safe online environments. At Safe on Social, we believe everyone deserves a secure and compassionate online experience. We aim to equip people with the knowledge and skills to make the most of technology while minimizing the risks. 

Our Unparalleled Expertise

With decades of professional experience in Cybersecurity, IT Business Consulting, Teaching, Psychology, Law, Child Safety, Communications and Marketing, and our Youth Voice Committee, the team at Safe on Social understands the complex relationship between technology, user behavior, online risks and managing the intersection of all of these moving parts. 

Our Expanding Global Presence

Safe on Social maintains offices in:

Sydney and Brisbane -  Australia.

Mayfair, London - England.

Florence - Italy. 
New York City, New York - United States 

We provide our services to clients and subscribers worldwide. 

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