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Antoinette Aquilina

Specialist Facilitator Cyber Safety

A former Detective Sergeant with the Queensland Police for 15 years, Antoinette worked in the area of Child Protection and Sex Offences as a detective, trainer and multi-disciplinary investigator.  


Whilst her experience has covered many facets, Antoinette’s passion and core skill set always remained in Child Protection and Juvenile Justice and the Forensic Interviewing of Children. She has trained thousands of detectives and officers from the Department of Child Safety on interviewing children and she has supported and guided detectives on complex interviewing investigations throughout QLD and other law enforcement agencies such as the AFP, Victorian Police, local councils, educational facilities and church organisations.  


As a dedicated trainer, educator and presenter in this area for over 25 years Antoinette’s reputation as an engaging and subject relevant speaker proceeds her. As a flexible speaker, Antoinette prides herself in being able to cater to your organisational needs and deliver high quality training. Her mantra is to share with others the skills to help them make informed parenting/supervisory decisions rather than dictate information which can make care-givers feel out of their depth.  

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