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eWork Ready Program
For Schools & Community Organisations

AU $997 +gst 
whole school license for 12 months
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An online certification program to prepare young individuals as they venture into their first job or prepare to leave school.


This program isn't just about landing a job, it's about preparing students to excel in the workplace by giving guidance on how to prepare their online presence, minimise online risks and build safe strategies for the internet-connected professional world. We cover all the essentials, from understanding professional expectations about use of IT and the internet and enhancing communication skills to navigating what to say and post online and how to use social media platforms to increase career opportunities.


​With our ‘eWork Ready’ certification, students aren't just stepping into the job market; they're stepping ahead.


Program Overview

The program is online and self-paced so it can be completed in the class room or at home. Topics of online trust, safety, and associated professional conduct focus on the following key areas.


  • Online Privacy and Security:

  • Social Engineering

  • Building a Positive Online Presence:

  • Professional Communication:

  • Proper email etiquette and communication in a business environment.

  • Recognising and addressing cyberbullying, online harassment and imaged base abuse.

  • Personal protection laws that extend online and where to report what.

  • How to correctly gather online evidence.

  • Effective online networking and collaboration.

  • Social media best practise in the workplace

  • Managing personal and professional risk in relation to use of major apps


Upon successful completion of the online self-paced program, and 100% score achieved in online exam completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate will serve as evidence of completing the Safe on Social Work Ready Program commitment to online trust and safety and responsible online behaviour. It will enhance their resumes, making them stand out to potential employers who value candidates with a strong understanding of online behaviour.

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