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Safety Coach Program
Led by Kirra Pendergast, The Safe on Social Safety Coach Program is steeped in innovation and excellence. 

By adopting this program, your organisation will enrich its curriculum, staff training and community awareness and establish a proactive position in fostering a secure, respectful, and positive online environment.


How it works


Your school appoints two staff members to take part in the year-long program. Under Kirra Pendergast’s expert guidance and mentorship, your designated staff members will undertake a comprehensive 12-month journey across every aspect of online safety including threats and opportunities as they emerge. 


Your "Online Safety Coaches" receive access to monthly training, complete resources, templates and all the materials needed to present online safety education to your whole school community whether it be a 15min student update, staff training or parent workshop.

This program redefines how your school addresses online safety.


  • Equip educators with the knowledge and tools to teach their students how to stay safe online in an interesting and engaging way.

  • Help to provide a safer and more secure learning environment for students.

  • Foster a culture of safety and awareness, and risk mitigation.

Who It's For


This program is specifically designed for educators, school counsellors, administrators, well-being officers, or appointed/interested staff committed to improving their school's approach to online safety. 

This program is also open to individuals looking to add a new skillset to their existing business or employees wanting to drive change and innovation within the workplace as a corporate online safety coach.


What This Program Is NOT


This program is not a cookie-cutter, outdated, or a generic 3hr mandated course. It offers a dynamic, engaging, and up to date approach to online safety, evolving throughout the year to meet the unique challenges and opportunities as they arise.


Program Features


  • Tailored for Educational Environments: Aligns with the academic year, supporting school staff with comprehensive, ongoing training in online safety.

  • Live Interactive Sessions: Designed to integrate seamlessly into the school calendar, providing ongoing professional development.

  • Up-to-Date Content: Provides the most current insights, reflecting the latest trends and best practices in online safety as they happen year round.

  • Live Instruction: Online group training sessions are conducted live to provide real-time learning and immediate applicability.​

  • 24/7 Content Access: Staff can progress through course content anytime of day from their own device.

  • Expert Led: Sessions are led by experienced professionals leveraging 33yrs experience and extensive knowledge in online safety and digital wellness.

  • Community Forum: Got a question? Post it to the forum to share the learning. Want to discuss something in private? We can do that too.

What will be covered in this globally relevant program?


Participants will receive monthly deep dive training on a variety of current and relevant topics to keep them ahead of the trends and changes in the online safety world. A sample of some of our training includes:


  • Principles of Digital Citizenship & Mastering Digital Etiquette

  • Understanding Digital Rights and Responsibilities

  • Safeguarding Online Privacy and Security

  • Implementing Security Best Practices

  • Recognizing Online Scams and Phishing

  • Addressing Cyberbullying and Online Harassment

  • Awareness of Online Grooming

  • Safe Use of Educational Technology

  • Advocating Ethical Digital Behavior

  • Managing Digital Footprints

  • Utilizing Privacy Settings Effectively

  • Protecting Sensitive Data

  • Understanding Digital Laws and Consequences

  • Reporting Online Misconduct

  • Exploring AI in Online Safety

  • All of the major and not so major apps

  • And so much more!

​All staff will receive 11 months of live training from the industry’s top experts, (recording will be provided if they can't make it).

Whilst there is core curriculum content within this program, the fast-moving nature of this sector means our monthly training topics may shift so that we can bring you the latest in news, updates, threats and risk mitigation strategies, ensuring you are kept up to date with the most recent information available.

About The Instructor

Kirra Pendergast, founder and director of The Online Safety Agency and the world renowned Safe on Social, brings a wealth of experience from her tech journey beginning in 1991. With a background in IT, business consulting, and cybersecurity, Kirra offers unique insights into the safe use of technologies and the dynamics of online interactions.


Her career took a pivotal turn in 2013 following a personal experience with cyberbullying, transforming her into a vocal advocate for online safety. Kirra has led ground breaking initiatives in Identity and Access Management, cybersecurity, and cybersafety, and provides strategic advice across various sectors. At the helm of The Online Safety Agency, she is dedicated to setting new standards in online safety, combining her rich expertise with a passion for creating safer online spaces, making her an unparalleled instructor for this course.


Post-Program Opportunities

Post-program, we offer an optional ongoing license so your school can continue to access updated materials, refresher courses, and annual policy update webinars. This ensures that your staff's skills and knowledge remain cutting-edge and relevant while being able to use.


The Online Safety Agency brand as a sign of trust, credibility, and expertise.


Program Fees

$4997 + TAX (up to two staff members from one school)

$3,597 + TAX (for single enrolment)

Next Steps

If you have questions about The Online Safety Coaching Program or would like to enroll your appointed staff, please reach out to our team today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?


This program is designed specifically for educational institutions looking to raise the bar and set the standard in online safety expertise. It's ideal for teachers, administrators, and support staff involved in student welfare and digital education.

What resources do I get access to?


Participants will have access to a comprehensive suite of resources, including live webinars, interactive workshops, presentation templates, and a rich library of on-demand content.

What if we need deeper support?


Kirra provides email support for schools with coaches when required. Schools facing more complex or serious issues, our nationwide team of facilitators is available to deliver specialised programs onsite. These can be tailored to specific age groups or particular themes, ensuring targeted and effective intervention as needed. The Online Safety Agency Team are available for policy, governance, crisis management and more and pricing is available per project.

Are payment plans available?


Yes, we offer flexible payment options to accommodate school budgets. You can enroll a staff member now and opt to have your invoice held until January 2025. Please reach out to our team today to arrange this.

Group Enrolment Discounts?


Yes, we have group discounts available for schools looking to enroll teams or more than two staff members. Reach out to our team to discuss the best options for your school.

Why Term 4 Start?

The program is strategically structured to start in Term 4 to allow participants to complete our online self-paced foundational program first. This ensures they are fully up to speed with all basic knowledge and requirements. By Term 1, your appointed staff will be ready and equipped to start independently rolling out online safety training at your school.

What if I can't start in October?

All the resources will be available to you for an entire you and every training session recorded so you can review and catch up when your schedule allows. We understand busy schedules and have built this course to be flexible for time poor students!

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