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About Safe on Social

Global Leaders in Online Trust and Safety Education and Consulting 

Pioneers of Policy Online Trust and Safety Education and Consulting

With an unwavering dedication to creating a safer and more compassionate online world, Safe on Social is the preferred choice for schools, sports clubs, businesses, and individuals seeking expert guidance in navigating the intricate landscape of online trust and safety.


Safe on Social's core focus is on empowering organisations of all sizes to foster a positive online culture. Our highly effective and accessible education and consulting services aim to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions and establish secure online social environments.


With a steadfast belief that everyone deserves a secure and compassionate online experience, Safe on Social strives to minimize risks while maximising the benefits of technology.


What sets Safe on Social apart is our unparalleled expertise, drawing from decades of professional experience in fields such as Cybersecurity, IT Business Consulting, Teaching, Psychology, Law, Child Safety, Media, Communications, Marketing and lived experience.


By understanding the intricate relationship between technology, user behaviour, and online risks, Safe on Social offers constantly updated, comprehensive, unbiased solutions to effectively manage this complex interplay.


As Safe on Social continues to expand its global presence, we proudly maintain offices in


Sydney and Brisbane, Australia

Mayfair, London, England

New York City, United States.

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