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Comprehensive Online Training Program
A year-round, comprehensive online training program to educate staff, help streamline processes and make cyber safety and social media risk education accessible, simple to understand and align with policy.

Empower Employers

Arm Leadership with the most up-to-date and critical knowledge, resources and legal info to help protect themselves and their employees.


Educate Employees

Equip staff with expert insight to navigate all aspects of cyber safety including cyberbullying, sexual harassment, online safety, reporting and much more.


Staff Support

Easy-to-implement processes for staff to report incidents and for Leadership to give the best care and support possible.

Providing the most in-depth, current training on the market,

the Safe on Social Business Solutions Program  contains a vast array of resources for Leadership, Staff and the broader Community:

      Practical and up-to-date Leadership and Employee training, in all areas of online safety, tailored by business size, structure and need

      Videos, training plans & workbooks tailored for Small, Medium and Large organisations

      A program that aligns with existing laws and recommendations, addressing Australian professional standards, with accredited training available

      Policy templates and audits to protect and maintain your business’ professional reputation

      All housed in an easy-to-navigate hub

      Notifications and alerts on critical cyber safety issues

      24/7 access to expert support and knowledge from one of Australia’s leading experts in Online Safety & Online bullying

Key Benefits For Your Business

Implementing a comprehensive online program to help educate your business on all aspects of Cyber Safety that puts you one step ahead of the many challenges you are likely to face, or are already facing, within your organisation.


Some of the many benefits:

  • Empowerment of Leadership to act on issues knowledgably and within legal guidelines so as to limit the impact on profit margin and staff satisfaction.

  • All staff feel equipped and supported by Leadership with the needed education and skills to navigate challenges through training with  the  most current and up-to-date resources available. Ultimately, Staff wellbeing becomes a key focus and priority for your business.

  • Organisational-wide commitment to the ongoing training of Cyber Safety and Social Media Risk Management with a strong,  consistent  message that positions you above your competitors.

  • Information shared by staff outside of the workplace, seeing a boost in education and overall community wellbeing.

  • Provides Leadership with the necessary resources to maintain the business’ professional reputation when it comes to  policies and duty of care risk.

  • Ongoing training and support from a team of experts.

Cyber safety ongoing issues that need to be addressed and woven into the workplace conversation year-round.


The resources within the program include up-to-date content created specifically based businesses.



Tailored packages for Small, Medium and Large organisations, addressing issues specific to your business’ size and structure.




Materials are updated regularly as laws change or situations arise.
Alerts on critical issues are sent directly to businesses.

Expert Support & Knowledge

Direct email support from our team of experts to respond to situations
that arise in your workplace quickly and confidentially.
Security and confidence in knowing you have a team of experts to lean on.


The Safe On Social Point Of Difference

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