Solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Our Business Services team deliver services tailored specifically for your organisation.

We work with corporate businesses that have thousands of employees through to our smallest client who has six staff. Regardless of size, all businesses have similar issues. To stay protected as a business your policies need to be updated regularly and staff needs training. 

Our Cybersafety workshops and presentations in the workplace will help you to provide your staff with the know-how to make better decisions when using the major social media apps. 

We present staff wellbeing sessions during lunch breaks, or on staff training days so that your team can take what they learn home to support their family and friends. 

We recommend that in the first instance, we complete an eSafety Risk Review of your organisation so we can address any issues that may impact on staff or the reputation of your business. From there, we can determine the best course of action to ensure your business reputation is protected across Social Media and your staff is well trained.


We provide you with current, practical, affordable advice you can employ immediately.

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