Denise Hall

Specialist Facilitator Cyber Safety

Denise is an experienced educator having worked in primary education for 35 years. She has held various roles in schools from classroom teaching to leadership and is passionate about keeping children safe online.  

"Our technology-based world has moved so quickly that parents are unsure of how to keep their children safe online."


The internet offers many benefits and opportunities for education and communication, however, our children need to be taught to understand the potential risks of putting themselves out there. 

As an educator, Denise aims to provide students with the vital knowledge and skills needed to stay safe in online environments and sees this as an essential part of primary education. 

Denise believes that empowering children with practical strategies to tackle ‘tricky’ situations and to recognise ‘red flags’ is paramount for their mental health.


"Encouraging children to be upstanders, rather than bystanders, will help them both online and offline".