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eSafetyHQ Safe on Social Media Training and Education
eSafetyHQ Safe on Social Media Training and Education

We are excited to share that Safe on Social’s eSafetyHQTM Online Learning Program for your School will be here September 1st 2022 and our Parents Course will be available from September 15th 2022. Our team of experts have been working with our Youth Advisors (all aged between 15-18yrs) to develop a game changer in international cyber safety education. 

This year-round, curriculum-aligned, comprehensive online learning program will provide you with the most up-to-date, leading resources available across topics of cyber safety to help you keep your students, their parents and carers, your staff, and your wider school community safe online.


Accessed via an easy-to-use and navigate dashboard, eSafetyHQTM features a vast array of resources:


  • Practical and up-to-date teacher and student training modules are accessed via our online learning management system. 

  • Designed to educate students from ages 7-18yrs

  • Lessons plans and worksheets included.

  • Audio, Video, and text-based resources.

  • Teacher training for ongoing professional learning 

  • Free access to quarterly masterclass webinars for all staff
    24/7 support via email to our team of leading online safety experts.

  • Cheatsheet and resource library.

  • Special offers from our partners.

Topics include:

  • What you signed up for – we explain the terms and conditions of use and what they mean.
    How to keep your personal information as private as possible and why this is important (and way bigger than you think).

  • Sexting, Sextortion, and image-based abuse and the law.
    Respectful online relationships and consent.

  • The dangers of direct message requests and what to do.

  • What online grooming might look like and what to do.

  • Cyber-bullying, online harassment, and abuse, how to report it, and how to manage the emotional impact.

  • Scams, Deepfakes, fake news, and misinformation.

  • Group Chats and strategies to manage them better.

  • Identity theft and Cyber Security basics.

  • Photos and videos onsite at school and in school uniform in relation to social media policy and duty of care.

  • Legal responsibilities.

  • Social media Challenges.

  • Online gaming opportunities and safety.

  • Managing negative online experiences.

  • How to create a positive online profile.

And more....
New topics are added monthly or when required.

All our training is developed using real-world experience and data from working face to face with people ranging in age from 5 - 70+yrs over the last 14+ years and our Youth Advisory teams lived experience.


What are the key benefits of online safety training with eSafetyHQTM?

Keep your students safe

From cyberbullying to image abuse, SnapChat to online gaming (and everything in between), we will help you to equip students and yourselves with the necessary skills to navigate social apps and platforms for a more positive experience. We also teach what to do when things go wrong, and how to keep themselves safe. 


Empower your educators

Arm teachers with the most current and critical online safety tools, knowledge, and resources so they can act, report and support. We will keep your team one step ahead. 

Educate and inform your community of parents & carers
Create a consistent online safety message well beyond the school gate by sharing the information and tools parents need to continue the conversation at home. Parents can also now order an individual parent course.

For schools that want to take advantage of this exclusive offer as well as provide their entire parent community with essential online safety info to use at home we now have a special bundle offer available. For a limited time your school can secure the eSafetyHQTM Schools Program combined with complete access for every parent to our brand new eSafetyHQTM Program, launching 1 September 2022. Pre-order your bundled package below. Parents can now order our specialised course for parents for $87+GST per year. 

Let’s work together for a more positive online experience, email for more information today or complete the form below. 

Reach out for more information and to secure your 12 month access to Safe on Social’s eSafetyHQTM Online Learning Program.


We are excited to offer an exclusive pre-sale price of $697 +GST for the first year and every year after as a founding VIP School. This limited time offer is only available until August 31st, 2022 when the price increases. Access to the full training program opens 1 September. To secure this exclusive pre-sale rate please click below. Parents can now order our specialised course for parents for $87+GST per year. 

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