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PARENTS - Empower Your Online Parenting Skills
PARENTS - Empower Your Online Parenting Skills

Mon, 15 Jul



PARENTS - Empower Your Online Parenting Skills

Parenting in today's digital era can be overwhelming. Are you finding it challenging to keep up with the constantly evolving apps, online games, and social media platforms? Do concerns about cyberbullying, screen addiction, adult content access and online privacy keep you up at night?

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Time & Location

15 Jul 2024, 19:30 – 20:40 GMT+10


About the event

Our renowned Parents and Carers Programs, previously available only in schools (still available in school face to face), are now accessible via webinar to cater to our global audience more effectively. 

We're here to empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to navigate the complexities of the online world with confidence.

Join us for an informative and transformative webinar, designed specifically for proactive parents/carers and teachers. 

This is more than just an online safety lecture; it’s a chance to gain invaluable insights and practical strategies directly from the experts. Whether you're considering engaging us at your school or just want to sample our approach, this webinar is an ideal starting point.

What sets Safe On Social apart is our commitment to unbiased, relevant, and up-to-date information. As an independent organisation, we focus solely on empowering you free from the influence of product vendors and government funding. Our sessions are well known for our frankness telling you exactly what is happening so you understand how to educate your children, young pepole and yourselves to be safer online.

Our inaugural public webinar, will be hosted by our CEO Kirra Pendergast, and will cover essential topics such as:

  • AI, Text, and Image Generators and Cyber Safety
  • Safe Online Gaming in the Metaverse
  • Personal Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention
  • Online Safety and Privacy for Children and Teens and how parents and teachers can do this better
  • Cyberbullying and Online Hate 
  • Legal Responsibilities 
  • Group Chat Management
  • Fostering Respectful Online Relationships
  • And much much more…

Kirra has invited other expert presenters to join her throughout the year for additional detailed webinars. 

Each webinar will run for approximately 60-90 minutes, including a dedicated Q&A session to address your specific questions and concerns that we invite you to email before the sessions to

Don’t miss this opportunity to join a community of proactive adults committed to enhancing online safety. By participating, you'll gain the confidence and skills needed to foster open communication with young people and create a safer online environment for you and your loved ones.

Secure your spot today, as places are limited for each session. 

Be part of the transformative journey towards online wellness and safety!


About Kirra 

Enhancing online safety and promoting digital wellness is crucial in today’s interconnected world. As an industry pioneer and cybersecurity expert, Kirra Pendergast has been at the forefront of information security since 1991. With a wealth of experience and a passion for empowering individuals of all ages, Kirra’s innovative approach focuses on education and awareness rather than fear tactics, guiding organisations and internet users towards safe and responsible engagement with technology. Through her unique blend of personal experience, technical expertise, and compassionate methodology, Kirra inspires a shift towards a balanced and positive relationship with technology use, aiming to make the online world safer and more enriching for everyone.

A Career Dedicated to Cybersecurity and Online Safety

Kirra Pendergast’s career has been deeply intertwined with the evolution of the internet. From the early days of widespread online adoption, she has been a leading voice in promoting cybersecurity and online safety. With over three decades of experience, Kirra’s work has spanned from high-level government advisory roles to grassroots educational outreach. Her commitment to the field is evident in her hands-on approach to teaching internet users about the potential risks of online life. By prioritising knowledge-sharing and skill-building, Kirra has helped to sculpt an online environment that prioritises the well-being of its users. Through Safe on Social and The Online Safety Agency, she has crafted training programs and resources that offer practical solutions to everyday digital interactions, ensuring that individuals and organisations are equipped to navigate the complexities of the online world with confidence and safety.

Overcoming Cyberbullying

Kirra Pendergast’s journey took a profound turn when she became the target of a relentless cyberbullying campaign that lasted over 2yrs. This harrowing experience not only tested her resilience but also deepened her understanding of the emotional impact that online threats can have. Instead of being defeated, Kirra transformed this challenge into a driving force behind her work; she calls it her “superpower”, using her experience to fuel a more empathetic approach to cybersecurity and cyber safety. Her story is a powerful reminder that behind the statistics of cyber threats, there are real people whose lives are affected. Kirra’s ability to harness her personal experience for the greater good has been a testament to her strength and dedication. It has empowered her to connect with others more personally, fostering a sense of community and shared resolve in the fight against online harassment and bullying.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Inspired by her own experiences with cyberbullying, Kirra Pendergast founded Safe on Social with a mission to transform the landscape of online safety education. Safe on Social and The Online Safety agency have emerged as vehicles of hope and a practical resources for navigating the complexities of the online world. Kirra’s vision was clear: to create a platform that could turn the tide against the negativity and dangers online, by equipping people with the tools and knowledge necessary to protect themselves. Her approach is rooted in empowerment, offering comprehensive training programs that address the risks without inducing fear. The success of Safe on Social and her new company The Online Safety Agency highlights Kirra’s ability to convert personal challenges into opportunities for community upliftment. Her leadership has not only brought Safe on Social to international acclaim but has also established the organisation as a trusted partner for individuals and businesses seeking to foster a safer online environment.

Empowering, Not Fear-Mongering

At the core of Kirra Pendergast’s philosophy is a methodology that focuses on empowerment rather than fear-mongering. Her work aims to inspire confidence in internet users, equipping them with the knowledge to protect themselves and their digital footprints. By providing clear, actionable guidance, Kirra fosters an environment where safety is synonymous with knowledge. She believes in the importance of understanding the tools and tactics of cybercriminals to better defend against them. This proactive stance helps demystify cybersecurity and cyber safety, making it more accessible and less intimidating for the average user. Kirra’s commitment to positive reinforcement and practical advice has set a new standard in online safety education. Her approach emphasises the constructive use of technology, encouraging responsible digital citizenship that enhances, not hinders, personal and professional lives.

A Global Leader in Online Safety Education

Safe on Social and The Online Safety Agency stand out as a global leaders in online safety education, a testament to Kirra’s unwavering vision and dedication. The reach of these organisations extends across continents, providing critical education and resources to a diverse audience. Safe on Social tailors its programs from schools and parents to corporate entities to address specific needs and concerns, promoting a safer internet experience for all. Kirra’s leadership has been instrumental as she brings decades of expertise and a unique perspective. The growth mirrors the increasing importance of digital literacy in our modern world. By setting high standards for online safety education and continuously adapting to the ever-evolving online landscape, Safe on Social and the Online Safety Agency have established themselves as an indispensable pillar of the online community, championing a secure and positive digital future.

Enhancing Lives with Technology, Not Consuming Them

Kirra’s work is grounded in the belief that technology should enhance lives, not consume them. She advocates for a balanced approach to digital engagement, where users harness the benefits of connectivity without falling prey to its potential pitfalls. Kirra’s vision is centred on the idea that when used responsibly, technology can be a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. She encourages mindful consumption of digital content and promotes the development of healthy online habits. This balance is critical for maintaining a positive digital presence and for the overall well-being of internet users. By teaching individuals to navigate the digital space with awareness and intention, Kirra’s work empowers users to take control of their online experiences. Her commitment to this balance is a guiding principle for Safe on Social and the cornerstone of a more enriching and secure digital world.

Pioneering Contributions

Kirra’s journey has been marked by pioneering contributions that have shaped the industry. Starting her career in the early ‘90s, Kirra’s work has paralleled the internet’s growth, witnessing firsthand the escalating need for robust cybersecurity measures. Her strategic roles in significant projects, including the Queensland Government’s Identity and Access Management and Counter-Terrorism Strategies post-9/11, have underscored her influence in the field. Kirra’s expertise was further recognised through her appointment to the Queensland eSecurity Industry Cluster Board, where she advised on strategic cybersecurity initiatives. Her transition from IT to cybersecurity wasn’t a mere shift in focus but a progression that leveraged her technical understanding for the greater good. Her contributions have fortified infrastructures and fostered a culture of vigilance and resilience against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving digital threat landscape.

Spreading Cyber Safety Awareness

Her commitment to education is central to Kirra’s impact in the cybersecurity sector. She understands that the foundation of a safer internet lies in the awareness and preparedness of its users. Through Safe on Social, The Online Safety Agency and various outreach initiatives, Kirra has dedicated herself to spreading cyber safety awareness far and wide. By engaging with people from all walks of life, from schoolchildren to senior executives, she emphasises the importance of education as a tool for empowerment. Her educational programs are designed to be inclusive and accessible, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their technical background, can learn how to navigate online risks effectively. Kirra’s educational efforts have had a ripple effect, fostering a more informed and vigilant community about their online safety. Her role as an educator is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about transforming how we interact online.

Navigating the Future of Online Safety

As we look towards the future, Kirra’s insights are more valuable than ever. She recognises that the online world is in constant flux and has a deep understanding of the patterns that come with new challenges emerging as technology advances. Kirra’s forward-thinking approach is centred on adaptability and proactive measures. Her work continues to evolve, integrating the latest trends and technologies to remain at the cutting edge of cybersecurity and safety. She plays a pivotal role in preparing society to face future threats, from the risks associated with artificial intelligence to the potential vulnerabilities of quantum computing. Kirra’s vision for the future is one where continuous learning and innovation lead the way in protecting internet users. She remains committed to equipping individuals and organisations with the foresight and tools necessary to not only react to the changing online environment but to anticipate and shape it for the better.


  • Safe on Social Parent Webinar

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