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Safe On Social Mastery Class - Expression of Interest List
Safe On Social Mastery Class - Expression of Interest List

February and March 2024


Location is TBD

Safe On Social Mastery Class - Expression of Interest List

Add your name to this list to hold a place - Invoices will be sent for $698+gst payment.

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Time & Location

February and March 2024

Location is TBD

About the event

Technology is racing forward, but guess what? So can we.

Tech's rapid strides often leave regulators playing catch-up. Every day, there's a new app or platform luring our young people, their terms as vague as a foggy morning and data privacy as transparent as mud. It's not just about dodging the obvious pitfalls – it's the subtle traps that often go unnoticed.

We see and hear about these traps daily straight from the mouths of our young people, not via annual surveys that are often targeting something that has happened rather than what is about to.

In our ever-expanding online lives, which increasingly blur the physical world, we must constantly learn to protect our young minds, colleagues, friends, and workplaces. True mastery in this space isn't just about navigating; it's about understanding the nuances and every facet. As we confront daily cyber challenges, a clear truth emerges.......being proactive isn't just an option, it's a necessity.

We're calling upon educators, institutions, and EVERY game-changer who works with young people or whose work impacts young people who are passionate about sculpting a resilient online future to join our first Safe on Social Mastery Full Day Course.

Who’s This Power-packed Course For?

Educators, schools, sports clubs, businesses, – anyone who's working with tomorrow's leaders, our youth.

Visionaries who see a future where youth online safety isn't a luxury but a standard.

Businesses and organisations, ready to put their knowledge of youth online safety into monumental action.

Why You NEED to Be Here?

You are ready to dive head-first and rise as a beacon of online safety.

You are ready to learn from a global leader and engage face-to-face with Kirra Pendergast a global powerhouse in youth online trust and safety.

You are ready to gain exclusive access not just information, but transformation!

You are ready to share knowledge that's actionable, dynamic, and absolutely game-changing.

Consistent Mastery is Key!

This will be an annual course, and your commitment doesn't fade out after the training. Oh no, you're signing up for a consistent stream of knowledge! Think about constant updates, game-changing modules, resources, lesson plans for your school, engaging webinars, and more.

You're not just updated; you're ahead of the curve all year round.

Let's not just navigate it; let's MASTER it. We're on the hunt for driven people ready to commit, ready to transform this sector.

Are you one of them?

Grab Your Spot:


Sydney CBD - Feb 8th

Armidale - Feb 14th

Brisbane CBD - Feb 23rd

Lismore - Feb 26th

Adelaide CBD - 8th March

Perth CBD - 15th March

Venues (TBC based on numbers)

Investment = $698+GST per person (Food? Oh, we've got you covered!).

Dive in now:

Questions? Thoughts? Just want to chat? We’re here! Drop a line at

Together, we're not just changing the online safety game; we're defining it. Let's shape a safer, bolder online life for our young people!

PS: If you are a Safe on Social VIP School, you receive one free place on this course in your area.

Some of the topics that will be covered

  1. Navigating the intricacies of AI text and image generators, emphasising critical and ethical AI literacy.
  2. Bolstering cyber security for utmost personal privacy and online security.
  3. Adopting best practises for organisations utilising social media.
  4. Highlighting the crucial role of robust social media policies and guidelines.
  5. Strategies for avoiding scams, what the current ones are and how to spot them.
  6. Addressing the ethics of online interactions in a professional context.
  7. Clarifying online rights and responsibilities of young people and for all members of an organisation in the age of AI and the Metaverse.
  8. Advocating for respectful online interactions, especially in areas like image-based abuse.
  9. Legal changes, law and responsibilities.
  10. Tools and methodologies to combat cyberbullying and support its victims.
  11. Exploring the influence of online activism on various demographic groups.
  12. Unravelling the ties between vaping trends and their portrayal on social media.
  13. Staying updated with contemporary technological trends and devising adaptive strategies.
  14. Updates on all major and not so apps, what they are using and how the are using them.
  15. Challenging misinformation and fostering a discerning approach to online content.
  16. Fostering resilience and critical thinking while underscoring the importance of seeking assistance when needed.
  17. Safe engagement guidelines for online gaming.
  18. Mitigating the influence of controversial videos in youth settings.
  19. A thorough exploration of digital rights and responsibilities.
  20. Utilising resources that enhance online safety, ensuring organisations remain at the forefront of current insights.

EOI's close October 31st. 

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