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Shaping Tomorrow Today: Safe and Ethical AI Use in Education
Shaping Tomorrow Today: Safe and Ethical AI Use in Education

Mon, 22 Jul



Shaping Tomorrow Today: Safe and Ethical AI Use in Education

We're in a transformative era, where even our youngest students actively engage with AI Text and Image tools. The surge of such exciting technologies brings immense potential but also new challenges. Developing and implementing the right policies and guidelines and education on both is critical.

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Time & Location

22 Jul 2024, 15:50 – 17:10 GMT+10


About the event

Shaping Tomorrow Today: Empowering Future Generations with Safe and Ethical AI Use in Education

Join us for this acclaimed professional learning session led by Kirra Pendergast, CEO of Safe on Social. 

This impactful session, now open to individual educators across Australia. It is designed to equip you with the knowledge and guidance needed to navigate and help your students navigate the AI landscape safely and ethically. 

The 75-minute Zoom session will cover aThe Australian AI in Education Framework and a Gap analysis of its shortcomings and what you need to be aware of. How to stop the widening of the digital divide that is leaving Australian Teachers and Students behind the rest of the world. AI ethics, applications, online safety, and the impact of AI and social media, deepfakes and misinformation all the way through to how to assess differently.  

We provide essential resources such as policy templates and self-assessment tools. By attending, educators will gain insights into current AI practices and standards, enabling them to help lead their schools in fostering healthy digital habits and informed choices among their students. 

This is an invaluable opportunity given these highly sort after sessions are usually only available at a whole school level, to lead in AI education and prepare for a brighter, safer future. 

Don't miss this opportunity.  Duration   75-minute Zoom session (60-minute presentation + Q&A). ​​​

Educational Resources Provided

  • Policy and guideline templates
  • Self-assessment tool for school staff
  • Template letter for parents on changes to permission-to-publish forms in the age of AI
  • Additional materials designed to foster a deep understanding of responsible AI use

Key Topics

  • Understanding AI Technologies: Dive into large language models, machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing.
  • Daily AI Use: Explore how AI integrates into smartphones, social media, online shopping, navigation, streaming services, home automation, banking, healthcare, and transportation.
  • AI ethics and critical AI literacy
  • AI applications and online safety
  • Impact of AI on social media platforms
  • Conducting school risk reviews to align with student data privacy
  • Address the rapid educational response needed to prepare students for the future.
  • Debunk myths about AI replacing human workers and its monolithic nature.
  • Guide the development and application of AI technologies, promoting safe, secure, and fair outcomes in line with the Australian AI Framework for Education including a gap analysis.
  • Teaching AI Ethics. Emphasising transparency, bias and fairness, privacy and data security, accountability, sustainability, autonomy, and human interaction.
  • AI and Literacy the importance of AI as a tool to enhance literacy, not replace it.
  • Framework Design and Principles Focused on goals, components, and structure tailored for the Australian educational context.
  • Enhance teaching, support teacher expertise, foster critical thinking, and uphold academic integrity.

Embrace AI's potential responsibly with Safe on Social's training. Available exclusively via Zoom, this program empowers your school community for a brighter, safer future.

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