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Safe on Social
eWork Ready Program
Step into Your Future with Confidence

Designed to equip those looking for an after school job, school leavers and tertiary education applicants for an after school job (Yrs 9,10, 11 & 12) with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the online landscape safely and responsibly.
Employers and increasingly tertiary education providers often assess candidates based on their online presence, it is crucial for students to understand the importance of online behaviour and how it can impact their career prospects. 


This program educates students about acceptable online conduct and familiarise them with the policies and practices within a work or environment and how to clean up the mess they may have left behind to increase their chances of successful employment or tertiary education acceptance.

Program Overview


The program begins with viewing an online presentation by Kirra Pendergast, CEO of Safe on Social. The online presentation covers topics that are included in part of the assessment, so you must attend or view the recording via download. Topics of online trust, safety, and associated professional conduct focus on the following key areas. 

Online Privacy and Security:


  • Understanding privacy settings on social media platforms.

  • Best practices for safeguarding personal information.

  • Recognising and avoiding online scams and phishing attempts.

  • Mobile device security 

  • Cyber Security best practice 

  • Social Engineering

  • Understanding Privacy Laws 

  • Workplace and regulatory policies and guidelines


Building a Positive Online Presence:


  • Creating an impressive online profile for prospective employers.

  • Developing a personal brand that aligns with career goals.

  • Showcasing skills, achievements, and volunteer work.

  • Ethics and positive use of emerging tech such as GenAi

  • The impact of online behaviour on future career prospects.

  • Strategies for maintaining a positive digital footprint.

  • Addressing and resolving online conflicts or controversies.


Professional Communication:


  • Proper email etiquette and communication in a business environment.

  • Recognising and addressing cyberbullying, online harassment and imaged base abuse.

  • Personal protection laws and where to report what. 

  • How to correctly gather evidence. 

  • Effective online networking and collaboration.

  • Social media best practise in the workplace


Managing personal and professional risk in relation to use of major apps:


  • Facebook 

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

  • TikTok

  • LinkedIn


Upon successful completion of the online self-paced program, webinar attendance, and online exam completion, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate will serve as evidence of the completion of the Safe on Social Work Ready Program commitment to online trust and safety and responsible online behaviour. It will enhance their resumes, making them stand out to potential employers who value candidates with a strong understanding of online behaviour.


Program Benefits:

  1. Awareness and Preparedness - Students of the program will gain a comprehensive understanding of online trust and safety, ensuring they are well-prepared to navigate the online landscape in a responsible and secure manner.

  2. Increased Employability - Being Safe on Social Certified will help demonstrate to employers that students have undergone training in online trust and safety and are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a professional online presence.

  3. Competitive Advantage - Students who complete the Safe on Social Work Ready Program will have an advantage over their peers during the job application process, as employers and tertiary education providers are increasingly prioritising candidates with a positive and responsible online presence.

  4. Empowerment and Confidence - The program will empower students to take control of their online presence, enabling them to proactively shape their digital footprint and leverage it as a valuable asset in their career journey.


The Safe on Social Work Ready Program is a comprehensive and valuable initiative aimed at preparing school leavers for the challenges of the intersection of the online world and the workplace. 

Priced per student - discounts available for Schools and organisations who wish to buy on behalf of their students. 

Have Questions?

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