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Free download GenAI Use
Self-Assessment Tool

At Safe On Social, we are committed to providing teachers and schools with resources and tools to help keep you up to date with what you need to know now.

Effective management of AI tools in schools requires a detailed audit and comprehensive understanding across all staff levels, from educators to administrators. This thorough approach is critical to address diverse AI usage, which can lead to varied challenges including data privacy, information accuracy, and potential biases. Conducting these audits ensures that AI tools align with educational standards and privacy regulations, and are suitable for their intended applications.

This process not only fosters uniformity in technology application across different departments but also identifies and rectifies any gaps in staff training and awareness about the ethical use of AI. By doing so, schools can protect student data and ensure AI integration is in line with their educational objectives and ethical standards, ultimately enhancing the benefits and minimising the risks associated with AI in educational environments
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