We provide the most in-depth and current online safety education available through practical and easy-to-understand learning that will be used in everyday life.

Our services are the most comprehensive online safety consulting services for the education sector and are available for K-12, Youth Groups, Teacher Professional Learning, Foster Carers, Parent and Community Workshops, and more.
Presentations are available in person and online. They are informative, engaging, and practical. Content is updated regularly as apps change or situations that need addressing arise. We work with you to ensure that the content is age-specific and covers any issues that are specific to your community that need to be addressed.


Our content is created by one of Australia's leading experts in online safety Kirra Pendergast. Kirra speaks in schools herself and leads an expert team. The Safe on Social team of facilitators and advisors leverages years of experience in Law, Policing, Cyber Security, Business Consulting, Policy development, Teaching, Psychology, and online gaming. Most importantly, we have a team of Teen and Tween advisors whom we meet regularly, so we know exactly what is happening in their world.  


Safe on Social services are fact-based, not just based on the assumption of what is happening. Our team present without fear-mongering or drowning our audience in statistics.


All of our material aligns with your curriculum and also addresses Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Our services fulfill a school's duty of care to all stakeholders, including students, parents, and staff.


Why Strangers Are Asking Kids For Photos Of Their Feet?

Our CEO Kirra Pendergast joins Mia Freedman on "No Filter" to discuss her own experience with cyberbullying, which led her to start a business that now helps thousands of people each week, to stay safe on social media.

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