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Jane McGowen

Sexuality and Relationship Education

Jane McGowen is an expert in the field of Sexuality and Relationship Education with young people. She has been working with young people for the last 20 years in various contexts, including trauma, child protection, protective behaviours, and preventative education group work. She is dynamic, knowledgeable, funny, and engaging. Her rapport with young people is second to none, and she always has them front and centre of her interventions. 

Jane is a conduit for kids' voices, using a collation of 20 years of experience and anonymous stories to connect important learnings from each other, particularly in the areas of Consent, protective behaviours, and bystander awareness. 

Jane presents group work in schools for kids, teens, and parents. Jane's experience shows that young people learn best together in a safe and facilitated environment. Her groups have extended in schools throughout Northern NSW and Sydney, where she divides her time. 

Jane's work runs both face to face and online.

"I love my work; it continues to inspire and excite me when I see young people come together in a safe, creative environment to learn and share knowledge which they carry into their safer and more insightful future."

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