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Self Harm can be digital too

A brilliant article about a complex problem that is becoming more and more common. ______________________________________________________________________________________ On school nights, Louis would hide under his duvet so he could play on his laptop into the early hours without his Mum and Dad telling him to sleep. He would click onto the YouTube account of a 16-year-old trans teenager and post reams of abuse. “You’re the most useless waste of space,” he commented under a video of the boy showing off his Christmas presents. “You’re not deserving of a place in society, freak, freak, FREAK,” he posted under a video on how to contour cheeks. “I would rather disembowel my stomach than watch th

Girl, 6, invited into ‘sex room’ while playing children’s video game Roblox

A mother has hit out at the makers of a game that is popular with children after a ‘friend’ invited her into a sex room. The woman, who only gave her name as Peggy, said she was watching her daughter play the game Roblox when the incident occurred. She immediately took the game away from the girl then explored what was happening so that she could warn other parents. She told Kidspot: ‘Luckily I was sitting next to her and noticed out of the corner of my eyes that one of the characters had breasts so it made me look closer.’ She added: ‘[My daughter] had absolutely no idea what she was looking at, but I would hate to think about what would have been said to her.’ Roblox is a multi-player on

We need to teach kids how to handle their emotions before we give them cellphones

Being a teenager is like waking up every morning in a house of mirrors. You're everywhere and nowhere at once, trying to pinpoint which version of yourself is the most authentic. For the past decade, teens have navigated this tumultuous period of their lives with a smartphone in their hand. We know the power of connectivity can be liberating, especially in adolescence. We also know how our craving for that connection often leaves us longing for more — incomplete without one more scroll or an extra like. READ MORE HERE:

Massive cyber-bullying spike blamed on Sarahah app

A WA cyber safety expert has warned parents about a “massive” spike in cyber-bullying taking place on an emerging, anonymous app they’ve probably never heard of, saying he fears it could even push youngsters to the brink of suicide. Read more here:

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