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Yubo....Tinder for teens and tweens

In the last few weeks we have been made aware of enormous amounts of usage of the app "Yubo" happening again after it had disappeared off our radar for a while. In early 2018 an app called Yellow - rebranded itself quietly as Yubo. There were very good reasons for this name change to be made following hundreds of parental complaints, a deserved reputation as a Tinder for teens ( and tweens) , the developers had described their own product as a ‘virtual flirting app” , included a direct link to Snapchat with all the disappearing sexting and bullying that that offered, had children’s feeds filled with sexual content and predator followers , it had issues with location GPS software pinpointin

Don’t ever think “It won’t happen to me”

Everyone, on every device that is connected to the internet, is at risk of being hacked, succumbing to a virus, being a victim of a phishing scam, malware, ransomware and other attacks are also rife. We are heading in to the time of year where scams are rife! Your personal and financial well-being through to your professional reputation and everything in between can be at risk, so we all need to continue to take Cyber Security seriously. At Safe on Social, we believe that learning good Cyber Security practices should underpin everything that we do online. Password management Use long passwords 20 characters or more are best. Use a healthy mix of characters, preferably alphanumeric, and neve

Do you really know what you are doing?

Even if you are a teacher that has been using social media regularly and for a long time, it is safe to assume that you do not fully understand how to mitigate the risks and what to do when things go wrong. Over the last four years, Safe on Social has conducted hundreds of eRisk Reviews for schools in Australia and New Zealand. Almost every report we deliver has conclusive evidence that Teachers do not fully understand privacy settings, and there are also significant breaches of policy that may affect both the professional reputation of the Teacher up to including termination of employment and damage to the reputation of your school. When logging in to our social media accounts, we are asked

There is nothing to like about an app called Likee

LIKEE or LIKE Video as it was before a rebranding earlier this year, is another video/ karaoke-based app out of Asia that is gaining in popularity. This app can be described as similar to TIKTOK but far worse.  The terms and conditions are so loose, as to be non-existent with the developers claiming ownership of all materials, shifting the onus for problems onto users, possessing almost zero content moderation, minimal parental controls, and no facility to make accounts private. It scores a definitely not!!! from Safe on Social for anyone regardless of age, due to its data mining and shifty terms and conditions, and that’s not even considering the other issues this app possesses. Abou

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