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Watch out, TikTok: Facebook launching rival video editing app called Instagram Reels

Read the full story here: Facebook is set to launch its own version of TikTok next month. The social media giant recently announced plans to release Instagram Reels, a video platform that lets people create interactive short clips set to music. The app's functionality sounds a lot like TikTok, which is wildly popular among smartphone-toting teens and young adults. The Reels app is currently testing in France, Germany, Brazil and India but will hit smartphones in the U.S. in early August, Facebook said. "The community in our test countries has shown so much creativity in short-form vid

There are calls to ban TikTok in Australia – but you should worry about Facebook too

The concern over what data TikTok might be collecting on its users and providing to government authorities should be a concern for every app, not just those linked to China. This week, in response to calls to ban the app in Australia, TikTok wrote to Australian politicians to say it was being used as a “political football” in the diplomatic fight between Australia, the US and China, and claimed it was misinformation to suggest the app was providing user data back to the Chinese government, or storing Australian data within China. In the political furore that has followed the app in the United States, it was reported – through Apple’s beta release for its upcoming iOS 14 update for iPhones an

Snapchat Tests TikTok-Like UX (User Experience) with Vertical Scrolling in Discover

While TikTok's future may be a little murky due to ongoing investigations into its processes, its influence on the social media landscape is undeniable. Already, we've seen Facebook roll out new, TikTok-like apps and features, Instagram's added a new function which it has admitted is its effort to fend off competition from TikTok, while YouTube is also testing out a new, short-form-set-to-music format to combat the trend. Even Byte, which is now welcoming TikTok users into its fold as they seek to diversify their online presence, is adding TikTok-style features to cater to usage trends. And now, Snapchat also appears to be jumping aboard the TikTok replication train. As you can see in this i

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