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Available through app stores for free download. Category – Horror Recommended for children – Not under the age of 15+. This app is in no way appropriate for younger children, and the 12+ rating it is given on the Apple app store should be questioned. Google Play is more realistic with a 15+ recommendation. What is it about? The prime objective of this app game is to escape from Granny’s house because she has locked you up in it. You need to escape before Granny eats you or kills you with a bat. The game gives you five attempts (or days) to successfully hide from the rampaging granny, accrue items to escape, complete puzzles and avoid bear traps, and avoid dying. It is violent and gore fill


This online game has become the go-to Pandemic entertainment of the past few months. The game is very simple, and has been in existence since 2018, but its popularity has exploded with the advent of the global pandemic. The game is available on all mobile devices and on computer where it has a substantial following on Discord, and Steam. Players on the game streaming service Twitch, TikTok and major YouTube stars have all played with millions of viewers tuning in. As an example of just HOW popular this game is – a recent New York Times articles referenced at least 200 millions hours logged by users viewing others playing the game on Twitch alone just this year. The majority of players come f

Omegle question from a concerned Mum

Published with full permission. Question: Hi Kirra - My 11 year old daughter has been exposed to Omegle and I need help. There is a restricted area on the site that you can access without registration, where she was shown a boy handling his genitals. I'm devastated and am desperate to alert other parents. This happened whilst we were visiting friends with older kids. I want to prevent this from happening again and need to know how to approach my daughter...can you please share some advice? - LC Answer: Happy to help and yes we’ve been warning parents about Omegle as it’s something of an internet cockroach; it just won’t die. The site (which has the tagline ‘talk to strangers’ on its homepa

Online violence against women 'flourishing', and most common on Facebook, survey finds

A landmark survey has revealed shocking accounts of escalating online violence against girls and women across more than 20 countries, with respondents exposed to explicit messages, pornographic photos, cyberstalking and other forms of internet abuse. Attacks are most common on Facebook, followed by Instagram and WhatsApp, according to the Plan International survey. The charity, which focuses on equality for girls, surveyed 14,071 teenagers and young woman aged 15-25 across 22 countries, including Australia, Canada, Brazil, Benin, Japan, Zambia and the US between 1 April and 5 May. The poll found that in Australia, 65% of 1,000 respondents had been exposed to a spectrum of online violence, co

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