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Criticising celebrities on social media is still a form of cyberbullying

In a world where everyone has a voice through social media, getting caught up in the whirlwind of opinions and emotions surrounding celebrities' lives is easy. Fans can quickly become overly invested, often forgetting that celebrities are human beings with their own feelings and vulnerabilities.

This is all too common, with countless instances of celebrities' personal lives becoming the subject of heated debate and criticism on various social media platforms. But i

Celebrities might appear to be living a life far removed from our own, but they, too, are susceptible to the emotional consequences of online attacks. The media's relentless focus on their relationships, breakups, and personal drama only fuels fans' passionate responses.

One recent example involves the tumultuous romantic history of a famous pop star and her on-and-off-again relationship with a well-known musician. After finally calling it quits and moving on to new relationships, fans of both parties have waged online wars against each other, slinging insults and even death threats in the name of their favorite celebrities.

What's crucial to note here is that the celebrities themselves have tried to quell the hostility, with one party reaching out to her fans via social media to ask for an end to the hateful comments and threats. Despite her pleas, cyberbullying continues to persist, a troubling reality in today's digital age.

The fact remains that people of all ages engage in this behavior, not just young fans. Parents and older adults must also be mindful of the content they consume and share regarding celebrities' lives. Indulging in gossip and negative commentary perpetuates a toxic online culture and sets a poor example for younger generations.

Everyone has opinions, and feeling passionate about subjects or individuals is natural. However, there's a fine line between expressing one's thoughts respectfully and engaging in harmful, abusive behaviour.

It's vital to remember that discussion and disagreement can occur openly and politely without resorting to personal attacks or threats.

By being mindful of our words and actions on social media, we can foster a more compassionate online world for everyone.

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