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For Parents of TikTok users under 18yrs.

It is vital that all parents check that their child has entered the correct DOB when creating an account.

The new security provision for u16s that has been recently released by the app, will not function if your child has lied about their age. We have received numerous messages from parents saying the security doesn't work. It does if your child actually entered their real date of birth.

Changing and checking this is not simple.

In January 2021, TikTok has advised that errors in entry for DOB may only be altered in the following way.

The account holder or parent must request a privacy report

Enter in the applicable account information.

Choose the Request information about account data option, listed under the What is your request subheading.

Where you are asked to provide details, submit an explanation that the accounts date of birth is incorrect, and advise that proof of age can be provide.

Then, and this is problematic. The app requires proof of identification. And this must be some form of official identification.

This cannot be advised or recommended.

Parents are left with two main options.

Family pairing or requiring their child to delete their account and start again truthfully. The latter is likely to be very difficult, and may cause conflict with your child. Family pairing will provide a parent with sufficient controls over the teens account to replicate most of TikToks new security features for younger users.

Information on how to set up Family Pairing can be found here:


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