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Picture-Perfect Privacy A Guide to Responsible Sharing of Your Kids' Photos

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Please take a moment to read this, being set to private is no longer enough.

This is a blog post I wrote has just been published by The Family Online Safety Institute across their UK and US networks.

We must understand our motives and the implications of sharing photos of children online. I have been actively addressing this issue from the Cybersecurity and cyber safety standpoint for 14yrs now. At Safe on social we are constantly emphasising the need for continual improvement by parents, schools, businesses that work with children, and influencers that post photos of their kids. A big part of our work is consulting across these sectors to make sure child safety is front and centre in any policy and related work online and off.

Please think beyond right now and consider what we are setting our kids up for.

If you would like our team to assist with consulting and policy development to ensure your small business is doing everything to keep your child's clients safe online, contact us at or hit reply.

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