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Teen text language in 2021


Text speak has certainly made it interesting for teachers and parents to try and communicate with teens and some would even say harder for parents to keep on top of what’s actually happening in their daily lives.

We thought it might be helpful to share some of the most common 2021 teen slang definitions that we are seeing used today. Some you may know, some you definitely won’t but all are definitely good to know.

182 – I hate you

420 – marijuana

53X – Sex

9 and CD9 (Code 9) – parents are nearby

99 – parents are gone

AF – As f**k

ASB – as balls eg. I’m high ASB

ASL – Age/sex/location

ASLP – age/sex/location/photo

Bae – significant other or crush

Basic – someone who is viewed as boring or a conforming person

Bet – A response indicating agreement eg. “Wanna go to the movies?” “Bet”

Bih – short for Bitch

Body count – number of people someone has slept with

BRB – Be right back

Cappin – lying

Chill – relaxed or laid back

Cheugy – used to describe someone or something that is basic, out of date, or trying too hard

Cringe – causing feelings of embarrassment or awkwardness

CYA – cover your ass or see ya

Ded – Used when something is really funny or embarrassing eg. “OMG that has me ded”

Dongle – slang for ‘penis’

DOC – drug of choice

Dope – something cool or awesome

DTF – Down to f**k

F2F – Face to face aka Facetime

Facts – acknowledging the truth of something said

FBOI – F**k boy; a guy just looking for sex

FINSTA – Fake Instagram account

FOMO – fear of missing out

FWB – friends with benefits

Gas – Can refer to marijuana or used to describe something that’s cool or used as a way to hype someone up.

Ghosted – Ending a relationship by completely disappearing with no further communication.

GTG – got to go

IRL – in real life

ISO – in search of

IWSN – I want sex now

JK – just kidding

Juul – e-cigarette or vape

KMS – Kill myself

KYS – Kill yourself

LMP – can mean either ‘like my pic’ or ‘lick my p***y’

Low key – either somewhat interested or keeping something secret

MOS – mum over shoulder

Netflix and chill – getting together and hooking up

OF – Only Fans referring to the site

OFC – short for ‘of course’

PIR – Parents in room

Plug – term to refer to a drug dealer or someone who can get drugs

PMOYS – put me on your Snapchat

RUH – are you horny?

Salty – cranky or angry about something

Same – ‘I can relate’

Shading – when teens gossip about someone without naming the other person; also referred to as ‘throwing shade’ when talking about someone behind their back

Ship – short for relationship and used when there is a desire to see two people dating. Eg. “I ship them”

SH – sh** happens

Skeet – ejaculate

Smash – to have casual sex

Snapstreak – when friends send snaps every day creating a streak

Spam – fake social media account

Squad – friendship group

Sugarpic – suggestive or erotic photo

TDTM – talk dirty to me

Tea/T – gossip or interesting news

Thicc – attractive or curvy body

Tina – Crystal Meth (ICE)

Thirsty – desperate for attention mostly used to describe looking for sexual attention

Thot – that ho over there and is often used instead of ‘slut’

Turnt – excited and having a good time, often with the help of drugs or alcohol

WUF – Where you from?

WTTP – want to trade pictures?

WYA – where you at?

YAAS – an enthusiastic yes

YEET – a very strong word for yes or to throw something

This is just a small selection of and ever growing list. Join our mailing list to keep up to date with how to manage risk on social media.

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