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These students are the face of change

The young people of today live in the thick of social media, they use it every day as their primary source of communication. They have bared witness to cyberbullying, image sharing that spirals out of control, and are using some of the newest apps and games that many of us have never heard of. They are the ones that we as adults, parents, and educators, need to be listening to.

We are thrilled to introduce you to the young people who make up the very first Committee of its kind – the Safe on Social Youth Advisory Committee.

Chosen via a brief essay submission on why they thought that would be well suited to join our team, we had space for 6 young people in the Committee and ended up choosing 12 from this process. A few of our youth advisory team members speak different languages at home and they all have very different and profound lived experiences. Our Youth Advisory Committee meet fortnightly via Zoom and guide us in our content creation.

This team of young people will share stories every month, educating, informing, and empowering you and your School to have important conversations with your students. These stories can be read together in class and shared on your social pages, supporting the need for young people to have a voice about online safety and be heard.

Please meet our wonderful team…

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