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Tailored for Whole School Use

Our "Positive Online Profile" downloadable lesson pack is an invaluable resource for schools, offering accessible, comprehensive guidance to help students shape their digital identities responsibly. Licensed for whole school use, it's the perfect tool to educate your entire school community on the nuances of digital reputation management. Our digital identities are as prominent as our physical ones, understanding how to create and maintain a positive online profile is critical. This lesson is designed for a global classroom, equipping students with the skills to navigate the digital landscape responsibly. While the core content is provided, educators are encouraged to tailor the lesson to align with local curriculum standards, government regulations, and the cultural context of their students.

Key learning Outcomes
Students will be able to:
Properly define the term ‘digital footprint’.
Understand the long-term impacts of their digital footprint.
Develop strategies for managing their digital footprint effectively and creating a positive online presence.
Communicate their understanding verbally and in writing.

Why Choose This Lesson Pack

  • Global Relevance
    Designed to be effective in diverse educational settings, addressing key aspects of online etiquette and safety.
  • Digital Literacy Enhancement
    Equips students with essential skills for thriving in an online world.
  • Safe Online Engagement
    Aims to minimize online risks while maximizing positive online interactions.
  • Critical Thinking Skills
    Encourages thoughtful consideration of digital footprints and their implications.

Pack Contents
Key Learning Outcomes Document
Learning Activities Document
Lesson Plan Template Document (we have done the bulk of the work you just need to align it to your local requirements) 
Powerpoint slides including video content
15 x Cheat sheets for student and educator use 
Student Worksheet 


Elevate your school's approach to digital literacy and online presence management. Choose our "Positive Online Profile" lesson pack and guide your students towards building a positive, impactful digital identity.


Whole School License - Positive Online Profile - Downloadable Lesson Pack

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