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Deepfake and Non-Consensual Deepfake Lesson Pack

In the wake of the Deepfake crimes in the media we have created our ‘Deepfake and Non-Consensual Deepfake Lesson Pack’ to help Schools (and parents if they choose to educate their children themselves) to equip their students, educators, and parents with essential knowledge on deepfake technology, nudify apps and the associated online safety.

This pack can be used for student, staff and or parent education.

What is included:

  • Educators Workbook (Internationally Relevant)
  • Editable Powerpoint Slide Deck in for High School Students Classroom Educators to use in class(This has Australian law in it which can easily be swapped out as most international law is in the resources)
  • Understanding Deepfakes Guide for Educators
  • Deepfake Bullying Protection Guide for Educators
  • Creating and Distributing Deepfake Non-Consensual Images International Laws
  • Glossary of AI and Deepfake Terms
  • Top tips to prevent your and yours from being Deepfaked
  • List of international helplines
  • Template for letter to notify the school community (word doc so you can edit as you wish)
  • Non-Consensual Deepfakes what you need to know for Online Safety 

Protect and educate your whole school community today!

Deepfake and Non-Consensual Deepfake Lesson Pack

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