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Navigating Group Chats - eReady Kids

Group chats are the modern playgrounds for today’s youth, offering both valuable connections and unique challenges. The "Navigating Group Chats" lesson pack is designed to help educators and parents guide children through these virtual spaces with kindness, respect, and responsibility.


Features of the Lesson Pack:

○ Comprehensive Teacher, Parent & Kids Workbooks: This guide provides an in-depth look at the dynamics of group chats, offering practical tips and tricks to help parents teach their children how to interact positively and responsibly online. Kids workbook included.

○ Interactive Activities: Activities that simulate real-life scenarios they might encounter in group chats, fostering skills in digital etiquette and conflict resolution.

○ Quiz: Test understanding of digital communication norms with a quiz designed to reinforce the importance of respectful and thoughtful interactions.

○ Certificate of Completion


Navigating Group Chats - eReady Kids

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