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Online Bullying - eReady Kids

Dive into the complexities of the online world with theUnderstanding Online Bullying" lesson pack.

From instilling confidence to promoting respect, this lesson pack provides the tools CHILDREN need to navigate online bullying challenges not with fear, but with strength and positivity.


Our expertly crafted lesson packs are designed for educators, parents and children under 13. 


This resources is perfect for educators aiming to teach essential skills in the classroom and for parents looking to extend the conversation at home.


This lesson packs include:

Engaging and informative slides to facilitate classroom instruction.

Hands-on activities that make learning about online safety both fun and impactful.

Detailed guides and strategies to help teachers effectively convey important digital concepts

Tools and tips for parents to continue the dialogue on safe social media use at home.
Certificate of completion for students 


All materials are meticulously developed by the Safe on Socials expert team, ensuring the highest quality education for your students. Equip your classroom with the best resources to teach kids about safe and smart social media usage.


Download now and empower the next generation to navigate the online world with confidence and security.

Online Bullying - eReady Kids

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