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Ethics in AI

Transform your school's educational approach with our comprehensive "Ethics in AI & AI Integration Guidelines" combo pack. This dual offering is not just a set of resources—it's a transformative educational experience designed to prepare your students to become ethically conscious, technologically adept, and socially responsible leaders in a world increasingly shaped by Artificial Intelligence.

Schools Receive
Ethics in AI Lesson Pack


  • Interactive Materials
    Dynamic PowerPoint slides, educator notes, cheat sheets, and a comprehensive lesson plan with engaging activities.
  • AI Ethics Education Leadership 
    Join a global movement towards a future where technology is used with wisdom and humanity.

AI Integration Guidelines/Policy Template Pack

  • Ethical AI Use Guidelines Templates
    Principles and standards for responsible AI tool use in the classroom by students and educators
  • Parental Communication Templates
    Customizable documents to inform parents about AI's role in learning and assessment.
  • Assessment Adaptation Strategies Template 
  • Clear explanations for parents on how the school may change the way it assesses work distinguish to  between AI-assisted and independent student work.

Embrace the "Ethics in AI & AI Integration Guidelines Templates" combo pack to not only prepare your school for the technological future but also to ensure that this future is approached with ethical consideration. 


Transform your educational practices and lead the way in responsible AI integration.

Ethics in AI & AI Guidelines Templates

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