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First Phone - Self Assessment Kit - Are You Hearing, I’m the only kid that...

Is your child begging for their first phone? Are You Constantly Hearing, "You're the Worst Parent! Or you are too overprotective! or I’m the only kid that doesn’t have……in the whole year group? 


Then the eReady Assessment Kit is for you. Turn those heated debates into constructive discussions.

Designed to help parents and children assess, understand, and enhance their readiness for using devices, apps, and games, this comprehensive kit includes the eReady Kids Assessment, Parent Assessment, Combined Scores, and the Improvement Plan.

With eReady, you can confidently decide if your child is ready or if they (or you) need more time to prepare.


Product Overview

The eReady Assessment Kit offers a unique combination of self-assessment for children and evaluation by parents, culminating in a tailored improvement plan. This ensures that both the child and the parent are aligned in their understanding and approach towards digital engagement. Plus, it can be used repeatedly for every new device or app your child wants to use, effectively turning each request into a business case that the parent can assess based on the child's demonstrated knowledge and readiness.

Key Features

The eReady Kids Assessment allows children to evaluate their own readiness to use a device/app/game, considering their understanding of privacy, responsible behaviour, and emotional resilience. The scoring system provides a clear picture of areas where the child excels and areas that need improvement. It encourages children to research age recommendations and think critically about their motivations and behaviour online.

Even if your child gives themselves top scores for everything, The eReady Parent Assessment offers a parental perspective where parents assess their child’s readiness, focusing on online safety, responsible behaviour, and adherence to family rules. Detailed scoring covers various aspects, including privacy awareness, emotional readiness, and digital boundaries. It helps parents identify specific areas that need more attention and provides a basis for further discussion and planning.

The Combined Scores feature combines scores from both child and parent assessments to provide a comprehensive readiness score. It categorises readiness into three levels – Not Quite There Yet, Nearly There, and You Made It! – each with specific recommendations for next steps. This holistic view guides families in creating a personalised readiness plan using eReady Kids Modules to address areas of concern.

The Improvement Plan helps families set clear, achievable goals to improve readiness. It breaks down goals into actionable steps with timelines and responsibilities. The plan includes methods for regular check-ins, progress tracking, and reassessment to ensure continuous improvement. It also provides the opportunity for you to say, “ I need to learn more so give me (however long you want to take because you are very busy) to learn all about it and we will revisit” if you want to hold them off – you now have a tool to help.


Empowers children by involving them in the assessment process, helping them learn to take responsibility for their online behaviour and understanding the importance of online safety. It enables parents to make informed decisions about device/app/game usage by gaining a deeper understanding of their child’s online readiness. The improvement plan offers targeted activities and resources to address specific areas of need, ensuring that children develop the necessary skills and confidence for responsible use. It encourages open dialogue between parents and children about online experiences, promoting a supportive and trusting environment.

How to Use

Complete the Assessments: Both child and parent fill out their respective assessments to gauge readiness.

Review Combined Scores: Analyse the combined scores to understand the child’s overall readiness level.

Develop an Improvement Plan: Use the provided templates to create a detailed plan for addressing any areas that need development.

Implement and Monitor: Follow the action steps and regularly review progress to ensure continuous improvement.



First Phone - Self Assessment Kit - Are You Hearing, I’m the only kid that...

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