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Positive Digital Footprint/Online Profile

Our "Positive Digital Footprint/Online Profile" downloadable lesson pack is an invaluable resource tailored for both individual learners and schools.

It offers comprehensive and accessible guidance on responsibly shaping your online identity. In today's digital age, our online personas are as significant as our physical ones, making it crucial to understand how to create and maintain a favourable online profile. This lesson pack is designed for a global classroom, equipping students with the skills to navigate the online landscape responsibly. Individuals can also complete the core content independently.

Why Choose This Lesson Pack?

Global Relevance
Our lesson pack is effective in diverse educational settings, addressing key aspects of online etiquette and safety.

Digital Literacy Enhancement
It equips students with essential skills needed to thrive in an online world.

Safe Online Engagement
The pack aims to minimise online risks while maximising positive online interactions.

Critical Thinking Skills
Students are encouraged to thoughtfully consider their digital footprints and their implications.

Key Learning Outcomes

Define and Understand 'Digital Footprint'
Gain a clear understanding of what a digital footprint is and why it matters.

Understand Long-Term Impacts
Learn about the potential long-term consequences of online actions.

Develop Management Strategies
Create and maintain a positive online presence through effective strategies.

Improve Communication Skills
Enhance verbal and written communication skills related to digital literacy topics.

Pack Contents

Key Learning Outcomes Document
A detailed guide outlining the essential learning objectives.

Learning Activities Document
Engaging activities designed to reinforce key concepts.

Lesson Plan Template for Educators
A customisable lesson plan that aligns with local curriculum standards, government regulations, and the cultural context of students globally.

PowerPoint Slides Including Video Content
Comprehensive presentation materials to support the lesson.

15 Cheat Sheets for Student and Educator Use
Quick reference guides to reinforce learning and support educators.

Student Worksheet
A worksheet designed to help students apply what they have learned.

Our lesson pack is easily adaptable, allowing educators to tailor the lessons to align with local curriculum standards, government regulations, and the cultural context of their students. This ensures relevance and effectiveness in any setting, making it an ideal choice for individuals or schools looking to enhance their digital literacy and online safety skills.

Positive Digital Footprint/Online Profile - Downloadable Lesson Pack

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