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Student, Parent and Community Presentations and Workshops


We will work with you, so we are aware of any issues and will work remedial strategies into these face to face presentations. Our information is current, all of our content is updated monthly or when required. We offer a variety of age-appropriate presentations. The topics covered in our presentations include but are not limited to:

Cybersafety - using social media with awareness.
What you signed up for – we explain terms and conditions of use and what they mean.
Keeping your personal information private.
Online stranger danger (grooming).
Posting and sharing photos.
Sexting, revenge porn (age appropriate, not delivered in Primary School unless requested).
Managing your digital footprint positively.
Curating your online image.
Cyber-bullying, online harassment and how to report it.
Known scams and hoaxes.
Identity theft. 
Legal responsibilities.
Privacy settings.
Online gaming safety.
Strategies to build resilience


We also cover the most popular social media apps being used in your school – what they are, how they work, security and privacy tips for safe usage.

Primary School, we cover YouTube, Instagram,, Snapchat, Roblox, Minecraft, Clash of Clans/ Clash Royale, Online Gaming, Fortnite and others as required.

High School, we cover Instagram, YouTube,, Snapchat, Facebook, Yellow/Yubo, YouTube, Sarahah, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Online gaming, Fortnite and others as required.


Any of the above topics are also available in 60min workshops.

We recommend max 100-150 students per session, (or year groups) for our student presentations. For student workshops groups of 30-40 max is recommended. 


There is no maximum attendee numbers for our parent and community presentations. 





Professional Learning for Teachers and Staff 


Held onsite at your school, the Safe On Social Media’s Cyber Safety Professional Development Training is the leading course of its kind in Australia. The training will provide those that complete the course with the knowledge and resources to act as the go-to person for social media security, privacy and risk management and advice within your school.

The program reflects the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (AITSL).

We will provide you with the ability to make the best decisions when using the major social media apps, and give you current, practical advice that can be immediately implemented to protect yourself and those in your care


Versions of this course are available as: 


6 hour - All staff - After completing the 6hr training workshop, attendees will be awarded a Safe on Social Media Security, Privacy & Risk Management Professional Development Training Certifcate of completion. Ideal for Professional Learning days. 


3.5 hour - All staff - Ideal for after school Professional Learning.


90 minute + Q&A - Ideal for staff meetings.

Customised courses POA

If you would like to invite members of staff from schools and local youth organisations in your district, please get in touch - we are happy to accommodate this.


Social Media Risk and Online Reputation Audits


Safe on Social Media pioneered Social Media Risk Audits for Schools, they are the best way to see what is actually going on in your school and its community of students, teachers and parents to form a baseline of where further cybersafety education needs to start.  We have conducted more than 250 of these audits over the last two years. 

Lead by our team of industry experts, Safe on Social Media will provide an extensive online risk audit of your school’s social media presence. Our Social Media Audits have set the industry standard for schools. We have taken our 20+ years experience in information security, privacy and risk management to deliver this valuable yet affordable resource.


This report enables your school to make clear decisions about training that is required to keep students, staff and your school's reputation safe when using social media. The result of our research is a customised highly confidential report based on the deep investigation of social media digital footprints together with phone interviews of stakeholders where required. The final report identifies issues and recommendations to remedy them covering student welfare, legal and policy compliance, and reputation management.

Examples of issues we have identified during our risk audits include but are not limited too:

Un-authorised and fake social media sites.  

Improper use of social media between students and teachers.

Unprofessional images traceable to the school.

Publicly available information that comprises student safety and welfare.

Students engaging in unsafe or illegal acts that can be linked back to the school.

Cyber bullying.
Students visiting and commenting on inappropriate sites.

Students posting information relating to self-harm or threatening self-harm. 




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