Facebook has announced a change to its News Feed algorithm that will keep posts from news publishers

From Business Insider.

Despite all the reports of fake news, fake Russian ads, and the overall abuse of its platform, Facebook has repeatedly refused to admit it's a media company.Yes, it distributes content. Yes, it runs ads against that content. And yes, it even produces its own shows and other media. But Facebook continues to insist that despite the fact it has many of the characteristics of a media company, it doesn't need to act like one.

Now Facebook is doubling down on that theory with a drastic change to the News Feed algorithm. In the coming months, Facebook's algorithm will no longer prioritize content from news publishers and brands. Instead, you're more likely to see posts from people you're connected to that will drive engagement through comments and discussion, not shares and likes.

The result? More stuff in your feed from mom, dad, and your close friends, and fewer whacky videos, news articles, and memes. It's not just Facebook's attempt to end its fake news problem. It's Facebook's attempt to erase practically all news from the feed to give users a sense of community, not outrage and clickbait.

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