Cyberbullying and what to do if your child is the perpetrator, not the victim.

Cyberbullying has become a significant issue for young people learning to navigate a life that is increasingly online.

Like bullying that occurs face-to-face, cyberbullying can have serious effects on the physical and mental health of victims.

Cyberbullying in isolation is very uncommon. Of young people who report being bullied, a clear majority have said it occurred face to face (71.5 per cent).

Over a quarter experienced bullying face to face and online (27.4 per cent), and a very small percentage experienced cyberbullying only (1.1 per cent).

It's important we don't focus on cyberbullying alone, and instead address the fundamentals of bullying more widely.

Essential to tackling this complex issue is understanding which kids bully and why they do it.

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