West Australians targeted on social media in 'sextortion' scam

SCAMMERS are using social media and dating websites to contact West Aussies as part of a ‘sextortion’ racket.

The scammers ‘friend’ their victims and convince them to record then send sexually explicit videos and photographs. They then threaten to post the images and footage on the internet and to their family, friends, partners and employers, before demanding their victims pay between $500 and $5,000 via Western Union.

WA ScamNet said it had received reports from eight people in WA since December 2017 who were being blackmailed in this way. However no money was reported to have been handed over.

In one case, a 36-year-old man reported that he accepted a friend request on Facebook from a woman he thought he knew and, after a brief conversation, he sent a video of himself in a “compromising” position. When he refused to pay the $5,000 that the scammers had demanded, the video was sent to the man’s girlfriend, who was easily identifiable from his Facebook page.

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