Dolly Everett’s parents reveal what led to their daughter’s death.

AMY Jayne Everett’s parents are still thinking about what they could have done to save their young daughter from the bullies who drove her to her death.In a heartbreaking interview with A Current Affair, devastated parents Tick and Kate revealed the hell their daughter — known as Dolly — went through, a chilling email which revealed her tormentors’ sickening actions, and the unfathomable moment they discovered her lifeless body.They say the 14-year-old, who lived on a serene and remote cattle station in the Northern Territory, was as tough as nails, but also a “happy-go-lucky, carefree crazy-haired little girl”.She was close with her sister Meg and loved life on the ranch, but Tick and Kate wanted better opportunities for their daughters and a chance for them to interact with other children, so they sent them to boarding school for their high school years.“Living as remote as we were, we thought that was the best option for an education,” said Kate.“We basically did a pros and cons with them about their interests,” added Tick. “It had to be affordable, the travel had to be doable.” READ MORE HERE:

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