Aussie arrivals to face new heights of security checks

A SECURITY crackdown scouring overseas travellers’ social media for terror links and checking their identities with global criminal databases could be a reality at Australian airports.

The Home Affairs Department is considering rolling out the new technology, which can use biometrics and facial recognition to instantly scan passengers’ identities with Interpol, no-fly lists and criminal ­databases around the world.

The company was awar­ded a $44 million contract by the Department of Home ­Affairs earlier this year to ­upgrade facial recognition scanners, which will be active by early 2019.

LineSight scrutinises social media accounts through a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, which can be combined with the new facial recognition scans to give customs agents the power to ­instantly probe passengers.

Mr Altabef said the technology worked by accessing international ­databases which prompt an alert if a passenger has a criminal history abroad or whether their social media histories reveal inconsistencies with the information they give at customs.

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