Employees Say Instagram is Hiding Likes to Make You Post More: Report

From the beginning of its “experiment” with hiding likes, Instagram has maintained that the move is meant to improve users’ mental health. But according to three former Facebook employees, there’s another, more selfish reason why the photo sharing app is making this change: it’ll get you to post more often.

This report comes from CNBC, who spoke with the three employees under the condition that their identities would be kept anonymous. According to the report, Facebook’s growth and data science teams “developed a hypothesis” that hiding likes might encourage users to post more often by removing the pressure associated with likes.

Currently, the fear of posting a photo that’s only liked by a couple of close friends might be keeping some users from posting as often as they’d like. Removing likes might remove this stigma, encouraging users to post more, thereby spending more time on the platform, which would ultimately translate into more ad revenue for Instagram and Facebook.

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