An urgent note about using Zoom

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Safe on Social are able to deliver all of our Cyber Safety Education Services through secure webinar. We pay for the premium business level service with Zoom to ensure the highest levels of security a substantial investment to allow us to have up to 300 participants at a time if required.

Whether it be a Telehealth appointment or a Yoga class if you are paying a third party to deliver any service via Zoom or similar always ask that they show you that they are paying for the service and have the appropriate levels of Cyber Security in place.

From an article in The Washington Post:

"Thousands of personal Zoom videos have been left viewable on the open Web, highlighting the privacy risks to millions of Americans as they shift many of their personal interactions to video calls in an age of social distancing. Videos viewed by The Washington Post included one-on-one therapy sessions; a training orientation for workers doing Telehealth calls that included people’s names and phone numbers; small-business meetings that included private company financial statements; and elementary school classes, in which children’s faces, voices and personal details were exposed.

Many of the videos include personally identifiable information and deeply intimate conversations, recorded in people’s homes. Other videos include nudity, such as one in which an aesthetician teaches students how to give a Brazilian wax."

Many of the videos appear to have been recorded through Zoom’s software and saved onto separate online storage space without a password. It does not affect videos that remain with Zoom’s own system.

But because Zoom names every video recording in an identical way, a simple online search can reveal a long stream of videos elsewhere that anyone can download and watch. The Washington Post is not revealing the naming convention that Zoom uses, and Zoom was alerted to the issue before this story was published.

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