Available through app stores for free download.

Category – Horror Recommended for children – Not under the age of 15+.

This app is in no way appropriate for younger children, and the 12+ rating it is given on the Apple app store should be questioned. Google Play is more realistic with a 15+ recommendation.

What is it about?

The prime objective of this app game is to escape from Granny’s house because she has locked you up in it. You need to escape before Granny eats you or kills you with a bat. The game gives you five attempts (or days) to successfully hide from the rampaging granny, accrue items to escape, complete puzzles and avoid bear traps, and avoid dying. It is violent and gore filled. The game is one of strategy, violence , gore, cannibalism and is generally scary as fitting the genre.

It is popular, and has been since its launch. It even merits its own Granny Fandom Wiki page with tips and tricks on how to navigate the app.

Multiple reviews across numerous sites include users experiencing nightmares following playing the game ( as if this is a badge of honour), and even teens have seen fit to raise the question if this is a game primary children should be playing. This is unusual.

Points have been raised that this game is potentially disruptive to relationships children may have with their grandmothers , and cause unnecessary fear in children of their grandmothers . This is worth considering, but the casualisation of violence and fear that induced nightmares for such a young age group ( 6-7-year old’s report playing) is more problematic. The one plus for parents concerned about their child playing this game is that it is not an online one, so the risk of communicating inadvertently with strangers via chat and messenger is not a risk. There is also a Granny Chapter Two version which brings in Grandpa as another figure to be avoided. Safe on Social would advise checking your child’s device to see if either Granny , or Granny: Chapter Two has been downloaded by your child, and suggest deleting it.

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