Tiktok’s Family Pairing Has Expanded into Australia

Tiktok made broader steps into expanding the parental control and safety features the app possessed in April 2020. There is very little doubt that Tiktok has problems with content moderation, inappropriate contact from older users, and the content access younger users have within the app.

It is also a poorly kept secret that many users of TikTok are well below the 13+ age recommendation and that they possess these accounts with the full permission of many parents.

TikTok needed to develop further safeguards. Parents need to familiarise themselves with the app to understand the real risks to Privacy and unregulated content that are part and parcel of the behemoth that is TikTok.

Family pairing was the apps offering to endeavour to do both.

This early version of Family Pairing allowed a parent to link accounts with their teens TikTok, and control three facets of their child's account.

- The amount of time spent on the app daily

- Switching on restricted mode to ensure only age-appropriate content was available to view

- Turning the direct messaging feature off.

(note that this feature is automatically unavailable for 13-16 years old users, but it is very easy to lie about birthdates on TikTok at the point of signing up.

Now, the beleaguered yet wildly popular app has expanded this service, but it will require some congenial negotiation with your teen. The improved Family pairing offers extended control for a parent over their teen's TikTok account and is mainly aimed at the younger TikTok users.

What can be done and how to do it with the improved Family Pairing?

There will need to be a sensible discussion between parents and teens about what limitations may be placed on an account. The control a parent will have with this could be viewed as extensive, so a family negotiation will need to occur.


Both parents and teens will require a TikTok account.

When on the home screen, select the Me icon in the bottom right, which will lead to your Profile.