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Creating a safe and healthy environment for your club members wellbeing

Social media is everywhere and part of our daily lives.


As a sports club, professional or amateur, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have the right policies, training, and plans in place to manage risks associated with social media use, understand your club's potential exposure, ensure brand safety and most importantly player and member safety online.


There are many potential risks when it comes to social media, personal, professional, psychological, and organizational, and your club needs to be aware of them and how they impact your duty of care as a sports club.


Reputation Is Everything

Maintaining a positive reputation is critical for any sports club.


Safe on Social provides a wholistic  online and face-to-face training for your organization to help understand and manage your members and the way they are using social media to protect your reputation.   Together we help train and educate your management team, office bearers, committees, volunteers, and members to understand social media best practices, law changes, new apps, and how this learning can positively impact their families and the wider community. 


Member wellness sits at the heart of your club. It is not a once-off conversation. Online trust and safety is year-round.


Social media has become an essential method of communicating. While it's convenient, it's not without problems for both your club -  and your member community.

Online hate and abuse, Cyber Bullying, Online harassment, Trolling, Sextortion, and constant emerging risks and cyber threats can severely impact the mental health of staff/committees and members. Inappropriate posts by team members can potentially cause irreparable damage to your club, large or small. Cybersecurity, ransomware attacks, and scams can cause major issues. Psychological injury is increasing, and social media use is a significant influence. The lines between professional and personal use are now so blurred that they cannot be separated.


The Safe On Social Sports Program focuses on the wellness of your members, as well as mitigating the potential risks from the way they interact with social media.

Our training offers your organization

The most comprehensive online trust and safety training program available. We integrate face-to-face sessions, online learning modules, consultation, and ongoing support. Our training caters to your staff, committee members, club participants, and their families year-round. 

Our dedicated team is committed to helping you develop innovative and impactful strategies. We offer extensive assistance crafting new and efficient policies and guidelines for leveraging social media, mobile devices, and other digital platforms. With our support, you can create a safe and productive environment while maximizing the benefits of these tools.



What is covered in the face-to-face sessions? 

Our comprehensive training program for sports clubs covers a wide range of topics to ensure a well-rounded education for participants.

Take a deep dive into the following areas:


  • Explore the psychological effects of social media on mental health and learn strategies to promote a positive        online experience.

  • Understand the importance of online privacy and security, and learn practical measures to safeguard personal information.

  •  Gain insights into effective and responsible use of social media in sport  settings.

  • Learn about the crucial role of social media policies and guidelines in creating a safe and productive online environment.

  • Explore effective strategies to engage and support the entire club community in promoting responsible technology use.

  • Understand the ethical considerations involved in online interactions and foster a culture of respect and empathy.

  • Online rights and responsibilities and what to do when things go wrong.

  • Learn techniques for effective management of group chats, ensuring a positive and inclusive online space.

  • Address the issue of teen sexting and image-based abuse, focusing on promoting respectful online relationships.

  • Gain strategies for preventing, managing, and supporting victims of bullying and online harassment.

  • Discover best practices for clubs and their committees in utilizing social media effectively and responsibly.

  •  Learn techniques to promote safe and responsible technology use and cultivate respectful online behavior.

  • Explore current technological trends affecting young people and their implications for online trust and safety.

  • Develop critical thinking skills to identify and address misinformation and fake news online.

  • Promote resilience, critical thinking, and help-seeking skills among participants to navigate online challenges effectively.

What is included in the online learning? 


Non-techy, easy-to-understand training that is real and relatable.

Case studies and real-life examples


Accessible 24x7 through an easy-to-access hub, our online training offers your entire club:

  • Access to self-paced online learning modules for club members

  • Access to 150+ "cheat sheet" PDF resources 

  • Critical social media risks, social engineering behavior, as well as new apps, platforms, and legal changes that could impact your club.

  • How to implement clear social media best practices and standards in their organization.

  • Have the knowledge about where to get further support and report online abuse or harassment.


The online program is comprehensive yet simple and effective. It is designed for busy clubs needing to stay one step ahead and to keep their members and team reputations safe.

What is included in the policy and guidelines consulting component of the program? 

Support in creating new and effective player-safe use of social media policy and guidelines.

Policy and Guideline templates and review once they have been completed. 

Permission to publish forms and the mitigating the risk of discrimination.

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