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I so value the work of  Safe on Social Media. Unlike some of the talking heads who tend to dominate the conversation around young people and the online world, Kirra works tirelessly at the coal face - she doesn't just talk about kids, or at them, she works WITH them. In fact, she talks to tens of thousands of teens every year across Australia (and, might I add, she makes a point of also visiting the smaller rural towns who usually can't access quality presentations).


Follow her page to stay informed. She won't try to scare you, or shame you. She will, instead, offer realistic, relevant and respectful guidance. She's my go-to cyber advisor (not a sponsored post, I just love sharing the work of those who truly champion our kids).

Dannielle Miller

Parenting author, media commentator and CEO - Enlighten Education

The Safe on Social presentations were very informative and engaging. Our Year 7 and Year 8 students walked away with extensive knowledge of online safety, upcoming social media apps to be aware of and also learnt how to protect their online identity. The examples Kirra shared were fantastic and really helped the students relate to a topic that has been extensively discussed.


Kirra used ‘real-talk’ with the students, something which I have found rare with other presentations. Things like nude selfies, online predators and the severe impacts of bullying, including suicide, need to be discussed and Kirra discussed all of these topics thoroughly.

Thank you for empowering the students and the staff at Greenwood College.

Sarah Asher

Student Support Worker Greenwood College - Perth

Safe on Social

The SoS presentation was dynamic, engaging and inspiring, delivering messages that resonated with all in our school community. The greatest strength is in the conversations that followed. The staff room was abuzz from the very next morning, even our Social Media sceptics were converts!


I highly recommend Safe on Social to present to your students, staff and parents.


It will transform your community.

Aaron Chaplin

Principal Edney Primary School High Wycombe, Western Australia

Kirra Pendergast did an amazing job presenting the Safe on Social teacher training program to the staff at our school. Her extensive knowledge and expertise in the social media field provided the staff with invaluable information and an in-depth understanding of using ICT safely, responsibly and ethically, and in also maintaining student safety online.


I highly recommend that Kirra’s program be an essential PD for all teaching staff at every school – fabulous! 

Fiona Roden

Student Welfare & Enrollment Officer - Albury Wodonga Community College - Wodonga

Pimpama State Secondary College was extremely privileged to have had Kirra Pendergast attend our school and deliver her Cyber Safety presentation.  The information Kirra imparted onto our students was so relevant, that many students have discussed the content with peers and teachers well after the information was delivered. 


Students have informed me that they were unaware of how open they left themselves online through various apps and settings and how important their digital footprint is now and into their future.  This presentation is hard hitting, relevant and a must for students who are all now living in a digital era.

Guidance Officer

Pimpama State Secondary College, Gold Coast - Queensland

“We were so fortunate to have Kirra present to our Year 8 & 9 students.  Her presentation was really engaging and provided up-to-date information that we, as teachers, need to be on top of to best support our students.


Kirra’s stories are based on real life examples and her cheat sheets are excellent resources for staff, students and parents. 


I highly recommend her.  We will definitely have Kirra back annually.”


Mary Mackillop College

Like all schools we struggled in keeping up with a rapidly changing world with a constant flow of information through a plethora of information sources. There was a growing disconnect between what we as staff and parents understood about what students did and used online platforms for and what the students actually did. As a K-12 site we were also experiencing a rising tide of ever younger students either deliberately or through ignorance inappropriately making use of social media.


Our problems were exacerbated by a core of staff who also believed that they knew how to use social media. The issues were not going away and we knew that something had to be done, that was when I contacted Kirra at Safe on Social Media. It was the best meeting I ever arranged.


Kirra delivered 6 hours of professional learning to the whole staff and throughout the day it was clear that the learning was deep, confronting and thought-provoking. We followed up staff training with student sessions for all students from Year 4 to Year 12 and a parent and community session. The Parent session was the largest attended we have had for some time and interestingly we had people from outside our community attend.


Kirra’s knowledge, skill and general approach put everyone at ease as she presented straight-forward solutions to vexing problems.


We have subsequently signed on as a Safe On Social Media school and forged an ongoing relationship with Kirra – we couldn’t recommend her highly enough and that recommendation is supported by the most amazing feedback from students, staff and our community.

Michael Rathborne

Principal Uralla Central School, New South Wales

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