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Safe on Social Youth Voice

Safe on Social Media's Youth Voice is a group of young people aged 12-18yrs who are passionate about promoting safe and responsible social media use. When our CEO was advised the she should have a board, she hired twelve people under the age of 18yrs. They're the voices the world needs to hear. And now, they have the platform to be heard. 


Formed in 2020 and formalised in 2021, we created our Youth Voice to provide a platform for youth voices to be heard on issues related to everything social media from cyberbullying, privacy, emerging threats to more positive ways to engage with social media.


The Youth Voice members are remunerated to develop resources and strategies to educate young people on safe social media practices. It's their world in their words. 


The time to stand up and listen has never been more important.


That time is now.

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