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Christy Lamagna

Co-Founder Safe on Social United States

Christy Lamanga is the co-founder of Safe on Social in the United States where our head office is located in New York City.  Not only is she a dedicated knowledge seeker but also an expert speaker in the field of online trust and safety. With an insatiable thirst for life long learning, she immerses herself in books, an is an best selling author in her own right. Additionally, Christy's passion for sharing knowledge extends to her role as a renowned keynote speaker.


As a coach and entrepreneur, she now leverages her expertise to help others navigate the complex world of online safety. Christy's intellectual philanthropy shines through her genuine interest in people, their stories, and the connections she makes along the way. Every opportunity becomes a valuable learning experience for her, fuelling her growth and enabling her to better serve others.

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