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Together, we can build a safer and more empathetic online world for everyone.
Consulting Services

As the go-to advisors in youth online safety for businesses, we are the discreet and trusted partners of some of the world's leading firms and biggest brand names. Our experience has unveiled the nuances of online safety in areas often overlooked or unanticipated by many.


Whether you're a burgeoning tech startup, a local dance school, or a global consultancy, if your project touches the lives of young people, we're the experts you didn't know you needed. Our hallmark is discretion; we blend seamlessly into your team, delivering results without drawing attention.


With a deep-rooted commitment to ethics and privacy standards, we navigate the intricate and often unexpected challenges of the digital age, ensuring the safety of the youth is always prioritised.

Our Services:

eRisk Reviews

Our seasoned team will collaborate with you to examine your current social media presence, identifying any potential risks tied to your online activities. With our top-tier eRisk reviews, we will supply you with practical, actionable insights that empower you to manage these risks and maintain a secure online presence.

Policy Services

Our policy review service is designed to help you establish social media policies that align with the industry's best practices and regulatory requirements. We'll thoroughly assess your existing policies and work with you by offering recommendations to ensure they are updated, comprehensive, and serve your best interests.

Year-round Private VIP Consulting Packages

We offer exclusive, year-round VIP consulting packages for those seeking an elevated level of support. With this service, you'll benefit from continuous, personalized attention, providing you with the confidence and knowledge to stay safe online all year.

Custom Consulting Packages

Understanding that each client's needs are unique, we offer custom consulting packages tailored to suit different budgets and requirements. Whether you're an individual, a small business, or a large corporation, we have a solution to protect your staff's well-being and your organization's online presence.

Consult Safe Programs For Schools
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