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Consulting Services


At Safe on Social, we are committed to providing high-quality social media consulting services that help our clients stay safe online. Our team is dedicated to providing personalised service and support to help you mitigate cyber threats and navigate the complex world of social media safely.


We offer:

  • e-Risk Review

  • Policy Service Service

  • Year-round private VIP consulting packages

  • Custom consulting packages


Our highly experienced team will work with you to assess your current social media presence and identify any potential risks that may be associated with your online activity. We will then provide you with actionable insights to help you manage these risks and keep your online presence secure through our world leading eRisk reviews.

Our policy review service will help you create social media policies that are in line with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. We will review your existing policies and provide recommendations to ensure they are up to date and comprehensive.

To find out more about our consulting packages, designed to suit all budgets and needs, please reach out to our team below.

The Safe On Social Point Of Difference


Cyber threats on social media are constantly evolving and need to be woven into the workplace conversation year-round.



The resources within the program include up-to-date content created specifically for businesses.



Tailored packages for Small, Medium and Large organisations.


Materials are updated regularly as laws change or situations and cyber threats arise.

Expert Support & Knowledge

Direct email support from our team of experts to respond to situations
that arise in your workplace quickly and confidentially.
Security and confidence in knowing you have a team of experts to lean on.


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