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The New Norms and Online Safety live Q & A with Kirra Pendergast
The New Norms and Online Safety live Q & A with Kirra Pendergast

Thu, 30 Nov



The New Norms and Online Safety live Q & A with Kirra Pendergast

TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and group chats, deepfakes, synthetic relationships and the nightmare that is kids buying vapes through Snapchat as young as Grade 4 (yes you read that right. It's becoming harder to tell where a school's responsibility for online safety ends and where parenting begins.

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Time & Location

30 Nov 2023, 16:00 – 17:00


About the event

Join us for a Q&A session with Safe on Social Founder and CEO Kirra Pendergast. This session addresses the intricate issues of online safety within your community. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to engage with Kirra, who will guide you in navigating the online challenges schools and parents face today.

Why attend?

  • Kirra will respond to pre-submitted questions that will be de-identified, ensuring anonymity and privacy.
  • You can contribute by sending your questions to (Please type QUESTION FOR WEBINAR in the subject header)

Why Safe on Social?

  • We are 100% independent, with no ties to specific apps or product vendors.
  • Our commitment lies solely in offering unbiased support in all aspects of online safety.

Why Kirra ? 

Kirra Pendergast is the Founder, Chief HopePunk of Safe on Social, a group of companies with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Florence, London, and New York. Under her visionary leadership, Safe on Social has become the premier privately-owned provider of online trust, safety education, and consulting services globally. The company prides itself on its independence, with no affiliations or alignments with any apps or product vendors, maintaining a stance of proud impartiality.

With a pioneering role in technology since 1991, Kirra's experience in IT, Business Consulting, and Cybersecurity has given her unparalleled insight into the dynamics of human-technology interactions, establishing her as a leading authority in cyber safety education. Kirra is a sought-after public speaker and international media commentator on online safety, cyberbullying, and the responsible, safe and ethical management of AI use in education. Kirra's background in technology and cybersecurity is wide-ranging. She was instrumental in the QLD Government Identity and Access Management projects, the development of Counter-Terrorism Strategies post 9/11 and was a key member of committees that helped forge the early cybersecurity industry in Australia and New Zealand in the late '90s including the QLD eSecurity Industry Cluster Board under Hon. Premier Peter Beattie and Minister for the Innovation Economy Hon. Paul Lucas. She has presented to Australian Federal Government Parliamentary Inquiries and has provided strategic advice to government Premiers, Ministers and Executive Directors and consulted to organisations, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses with less than 5 employees.

Kirra's career took a pivotal turn in late 2013 when she became the victim of a persistent cyberbullying and online hate campaign that lasted over two years. The malicious words and defamation used by her tormentors online and their actions left her isolated, vulnerable, and adrift in a torrent of negativity. Kirra's self-esteem was mercilessly and methodically dissected. Her unwavering determination transformed beyond recognition due to the unrelenting assault inflicted by a business associate who knew precisely how to inflict maximum damage. Kirra has since embraced this ordeal and transformed it into what she describes as her "superpower," which profoundly shapes her work. It is why she founded Safe on Social, and the experience continues to be the cornerstone of all programs and consulting services offered by Safe on Social.

Renowned for her straightforward, non-sensationalist approach, Kirra is praised for integrating her journey with a compassionate and pragmatic methodology. She empowers individuals to navigate technology with confidence and awareness, advocating for a mindful consumption of technology that enhances rather than dominates their lives.

Current issues will be addressed

The online world is changing fast, with kids using social media like TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and group chats more than ever. It's becoming harder to tell where a school's responsibility for online safety ends and where parenting begins. Plus, there are new challenges like deepfakes and synthetic relationships. And then there is the risky behaviour of buying and selling things like vapes on social media apps. Young people are literally connecting to complete strangers to transact and forgetting to put themselves into ghost mode to protect their physical safety!

Keeping abreast of these issues is more critical than ever. Kirra will kick off with a few updates on the latest trends and crucial insights that every community should be aware of.

At Safe on Social, we take pride in our ability to offer the latest information and and always updated. 

Don't miss the chance to arm yourself with the most current, impartial, and comprehensive knowledge of online safety. Online safety education is a shared obligation involving both educators and parents.

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  • Q & A With Kirra Pendergast

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