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Mark Swivel

Specialist Facilitator Cyber Safety Education

Mark leads Barefoot Law and has been a lawyer for 30 years.  He led the campaign to save Feros Village and has won key cases in aged care, family law, mental health, small business and unfair dismissal.  Mark often appears on ABC Radio Sydney and Local to explore legal issues. 

Mark is committed to community.  A councillor at Byron Shire Council, president and long serving player at Eureka Football Club and dedicated director at Spaghetti Circus, host of the national circus festival.   Mark has served on the board of a community owned bank and renewable energy company. 

Mark is a writer and performer. The author of One Pie Wellness (with Bec Kocass), Water Falling Down (Queensland Theatre Company) and Making Australia Slightly Better Than Average Again, Philip Adams gave Mark a Koala Stamp on Late Night Live.  He is the MC of Dustyesky.

Mark has parented 3 kids through the digital age and loves how we can connect through technology.  He gets regularly schooled by his kids on what’s happening online and hopes that better communication can make all our lives better and richer.

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